Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fan Fiction? F-yah!....and some more Monkey J-action.

So a while back Sista'(aka Sarah) had fwd me some fan fiction. It was a continuation of the Twi saga. At first I loved it, but then the story took some twists that I wasn't that into...Well my darlings, I have found another, and it's borderline pornographic. Who am I kidding? It is a classy Edward and Bella sort of way...kind of. Not really. Anyhoo so far so good. Check it out. BLOOD & LUST.

P.S. Just imagine Midnight Sun....but way f-ing's what Edward was really thinking. LOL.

ALSO...Sarah will be posting the story of our second trip to LA to see those lovely Monkeys...It's a bit late, however she's been super busy w/ non twilight related things...sigh...Now that finals are over, she's ready to blog. PS We are seeing 100 Monkeys a week from tomorrow for the 3rd SAN DIEGO!!! We have to drive all of 5 min to see them...none of this 2 hour crap. Holly Christmas, it's gonna be grand! -J

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