Saturday, December 19, 2009

Twired definition...of sorts.

Not that anyone has asked, nor even cares...however I'm going to tell you where "Twired" comes from....My Sister posted something on facebook one night about being twired. I assumed that she meant she was tired and going to watch twilight...use it as a lullaby of sorts. I am NOT saying Twilight is boring enough to put you to sleep, rather that Twilight is soothing when you're tired and not ready for bed yet. It's like a blankey. Anyhoo, what she meant was that she was up late and wired...looking at tons and tons of twi-related stuff online.
So with that said, Twired can be one or the other. You're tired and need the comfort of Twilight playing on your TV...or you're Twired because your on a internet search for all things and everything twilight related. Get it? Got it? Good. -J

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  1. Ha! Great definition!

    And Twilight is like a blankey! Sometimes, when I'm feeling cranky and/or murderous, I just put on Twilight and one out. Or, I watch Twilight and listen to Rifftrax and laugh until I poop the couch. ;)


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