Sunday, December 27, 2009

My theory could be full of crap...but...

I was looking at the tour dates for 100 Monkeys "100 City Tour" and I couldn't help but notice a gap...between late January and late April...Could this possibly mean they are breaking for....BREAKING DAWN??!!?? OMG!?!? Maybe. The pattern has been almost 2 months of filming and about 7 mos of post-production work, which if my math is right, means that all or half of Breaking Dawn would come out in NOVEMBER 2010~~

Could it be? I'm probably being overzealous here, but I can dream can't I? Anyhoo, so excited for tomorrow, 100 Monkeys is finally coming to San Diego! This will be our 3rd time seeing them. Sar and I drove up to the Viper Room in LA to see them the last two times. It was definitely worth the drive. The only bummer (for us, not the fans) is that it's an All Ages show...guess we'll be doing some pre-concert "pre-gaming." Also finally excited to know most of the words to most of the Grape songs. They really put on a fantastic energy driven show. Plus you can't beat staring at Jackson...I mean come on, those dimples and his entire mouth are out of control.

(Ok enough people have commented on 100 monkeys site and my blog to convince me to stick to my original gut feeling that it will film in the Fall of 2010 and come out in June of 11'...which puts it a year from Eclipse...makes more sense. I admit it...but, a girl can be overzealous can't she?)
Cheers! -J


  1. I think that's a GREAT observation. Something's gotta give on this. I remember an interview where they asked Kristen about Breaking Dawn and she said, "I can't imagine a universe where it doesn't get made." Me either!

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  2. Although it's a good theory and it could be true and it would be awesome that it would be true because that mean breaking dawn might be coming out sooner, I think theres just a gap because they're still working out the dates for the rest of their tour and they already knew the date for the SBL show. I think I heard somewhere, also, that Rob let it slip that they would start filming breaking dawn in the fall of 2010. But I definitely could be wrong! Only time will tell, I suppose!

  3. Is the theory that BD will be split into two still in the air? Maybe they are trying to tackle the conundrum that is Renesmee. I would hope that they might want to drag it out a bit for profit...and yes for my sake as well as the millions of other fans.

    I'm a little afraid of what will happen once the movie climaxes...currently we all have more to look forward to but then what? I might have to shed some tears.

  4. I agree...the hype will eventually *tear* die down...after Breaking Dawn comes out on DVD (wish wish wish)... But hey, we still have at least another year of this. I'd love 2 movies btw..


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