Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thoughts on the "Half-HAWK."

"Half-Hawk" was coined by the one and only @Mama_Cougar. Just sayin'.
She's pretty much a genius when it comes to twitter one-liners, so I had to share the new term stat!

I wanted to share my comment from Twitarded's post this evening, regarding RPattz "brain surgery do."

Yup, this one.


Here was my comment:

"1st and foremost, do you know how damn awful it was to be mere blocks away from his holyness...err..Robsten?! Then I see the hair and almost breathe a sigh of relief...Christ, at least I didn't have to see it in person....The dude is fucking with us. He could have worn a hat, a beany, maybe even a damn paper bag... but the boy decided to let it fly....

"Haaa, see if the girls think I'm smolderng now...see what they think of me now with my lopsided do'!"

Well Rob, brain surgery do' and all, you're still hot. But I feel blessed to have witnessed it from a far. Ok not really. I'm insanely jealous and plan to go stalk ASkars tomorrow in hopes of making up for it. Just sayin. Bet he doesn't have a half-hawk."

Holy hotness Eric..I mean ASkars!
2009 Comic Con

Seeing as my boss is out of the office tomorrow, I am seriously considering taking an extended lunch break at the Hard Rock Hotel in hopes of seeing Mr. Hotasfuck Vikingboy.

AND next boss is getting together with her Sister in law, who happens to be engaged to 1 of the TB directors.  NOT Alan Ball..clearly.

She asked if I wanted her to "try" and hook me up with anything....UM YES, ASKARS!
She said no, I'd have to ask for something more reasonable. I pouted..why???

A signed poster, ASkars underwear.

Come on girl, hook a Sister up!

Ok I am getting all flustered...and I'm cheating on Twilight by talking True Blood over here. That's usually reserved for the other blog.

Be safe.



  1. Oh how Rob had us all fooled in those pictures of him walking Bear with Tom, didn't he? He was wearing the hat just like normal so we really had no idea he was gonna hit us with this yesterday.

    I think he likes to do that to us. Totally shock us.

  2. It would ALMOST make up for Rob's hair fail if you could get underwear from ASkars (that's a new one for me btw) - happy vamp hunting on your lunch break! I hope you take a veeeery long lunch...

    : )

  3. Well, it was definitely Rob's turn for the effed up hair at Comic Con. Right? Kristen came with the mullet in 2009 and that is pretty rancid as well. I'm not too concerned with his hair, as he seems to not be. But can you imagine waiting forever and finally getting to maybe take a pic, and that's the only pic you have of him? The one with the half-hawk? I love Rob but sometimes he irritates me and that would require me to write a whole blog on it. But I have to say, I was loving Kristen this time around. SOOOO much better in her interviews.

    Now please track down Alex, get him drunk... And make him dance because that's what he likes to do when he drinks. Mmmmkay?


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