Monday, November 22, 2010

Moral Dilemma...

...or debate, whatever, I'm having one NOW!

Ok, not about the squirrel. I just noticed posted the R&K Eclipse commentary in 3 semi-short videos. Gaaah, this is one of the things I am most looking forward to about getting that DVD in my greedy little hands. I plan to sit curled up on the couch by myself with a glass of wine and indulge in Robsten's social intercourse [yup, I said that.] Granted the entire movie isn't posted, but gaaaaah I wanna watch/listen now!

Fine, I'll admit it, I started the 1st vid and watched/listened at my desk for about 1 min... Obviously I'm the only one here. Had someone walked in on me, I might have looked something like this...

Is this kid wearing a toupee?

Lord help me I am so tempted. Damn it, why can't I ditch my h00rish ways for one damn second?!?

Are you going to watch the little morsels that are being offered to us on a silver platter, via my handy little link? OR, are you going to be good and wait till 12/4?

Do you want to see & hear it? Go HERE. Yes, I'm an enabler. Don't hate.



  1. Nooooooo I'm waiting like a good girl. I mean i have to be innocent in SOME form right?? I'm also not watching any BD vids that may come out. There's something so awesome about being able to see it on a nice computer screen rather than a crappy comp screen. That being said, if you watch, let us know how they are because I'm anxious here!!! :)

  2. No, I can wait and it's so much better on my plasma tv. Besides, December 4 is almost here!!

  3. I don't mind watching(haven't yet). My problem is which DVD/BlueRay to get. Are there going to be 20 million different versions this time? AHHH!
    How about some help on that one?

  4. Of course I watched! PMSL when KStew said she looked like Jacob! LOL LOL!
    PS... this made me love them EVEN MORE! *bird flip* ;)

  5. Went to my parents for dinner so didn't want to be rude and skip off to watch Twi vids, although they wouldn't be surprised. Now it's 11pm, I'm home, out of a hot bath, trying to unwind & just dying to watch it. Where is my will for Robs sake?'s not like it's the WHOLE movie...right...hello? Anyone? ..........crickets...........

    xo J

  6. I really really wanna clicky that linky but as I'll have a DVD in my hot little hands in ONE WEEK'S TIME... I'll wait.

    And then, I'll blog all about how awesome it is so that you can all be jealous of me... for once :)

    I love you all, really. Just not as I love having Rob in my hands before everyone else. I said that xxx

  7. normally I'm all over this shit, but I've decided to just wait. and considering I am waiting for xmas for my dvd I still have a while to go. I know, it's almost like torture, but my bootleg is excellent. Plus I totes OD'd on Eclipse in the theatre... apparently 7x in a month is too much.

  8. I have already read transcriptions of the commentary so why not watch the videos

    psst *whispers* I already watched the whole movie with commentary on youtube before it got pulled so what's one more time ;)

  9. Gah! I am soooo tempted but I think I'll wait it out 'til 12/4. And like you J, I'll have my glass of vino handy.


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