Monday, November 1, 2010

Rob & Politics..uh, what?

I know voting is important....but with all due respect to any of you that happen to breath, eat and poop politics...I am SOOOOO sick of getting all those little flyers! Yes, I am recycling them.
Just sayin'.

Enough is enough!

But you should vote...for realz.

Wanna know who I'm voting for!?!



"I hate to break it to you Jen, but I'm not running for Governor of California..."

Ok fine Rob, I understand...

You just sit there and look as f*ckhawt as ever.

"I can do that."

*All pics stolen from Mrs. P

UPDATE: Just found this little gem too. Holy mother of Gawd...I mean Rob.




  1. I still hate the hair, but the one with him in aviator glasses. *DIED*

  2. Um I WISH he was running for governor of California. Since everyone else sucks. HE would make a better California.

  3. Still with HG here on the hair! ;)

    Seriously though.. I feel like we're FUC*&^ in California... I might even have to be a late entry...

    Ps.. Jen your comment about KStew possibly having to do some cardio.. Look at that last picture of Rob; sexy face, hands, hair, mouth, jawline, eyes, eyebrows, nose, facial hair but NO muscle.. Hmmm we might need to get them (Robsten) a trainer.

  4. Just what I needed! Dayum he's fuckhawt. I actually don't mind the hair, at least there's enough there to grab (if only I were lucky enough to have such an opportunity!).


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