Thursday, November 18, 2010

How Excited Are You?! Sometimes You Just Need To Vent.

First and foremost, I'm going to tell you about the last couple of days. Not interested? Sucks for you, because that's what I plan on talking about. No, there aren't any schmexy new Rob outtakes in this post, just RL shit. Ok ok ok, maybe if you're patient, I may throw in a new pic here or there.

Anyways, it all starts with this last week. I was PMS-ing like nobodies business.

Pretty much like that.

In addition to being my usual edgy self, my boobs hurt super bad, and they normally don't. I will admit that for half a second I wondered if I might have a mini TwiredJen in the oven. But luckily(?) that wasn't the case. I definitely get more weepy while PMS-ing, however this time around I was borderline ridiculous.

Oddly enough, last night I was in a pretty descent mood. However I started balancing my checkbook and needless to say, that put a damper on things . Sure, my $ situation is better with this new job, but granted I have only been there a month and need to play catch up...from the entire year and a half of it NOT being so good. Following my $ panic, I became a lil' depressed by the fact that I haven't worked out more than three times this last month. As I was trying to figure out some sort of new exercise schedule, I realized I hadn't seen my IPOD in weeks. note: I CANNOT go to the gym without my IPOD. FML. I looked everywhere...WTF?! After tearing through my closet (not sure why I thought it would be in there?!) I ended curled up on my closet floor with my arms wrapped around my knees crying & mumbling about how I just wanted my effing IPOD, and if I didn't find it, I'd get fat. It only went on for about 3 min...and then miraculously, I felt a bit better. All was good... until I attempted to get a good nights sleep. I had cramps all effing night long...which is rare. It was like an army of assholes had invaded my uterus. Bastards. Admittedly, I downed about 6 Advil in the course of the night. Don't judge me. To top it off, I did start my period in the middle of the night, only to realized I hadn't refilled the TP roll. My bad.

Army of Devils, close enough.

Moving on to today, and I promise this is coming to a close...I had to go into work a bit early for a meeting. My boss is helping to put on a huge private event at a water front village in San Diego. It's the first time the village has ever been bought out. This morning, we had the walk-through with the production company, as well as the DMC and the party rental peeps. As I stood in the parking lot, listing to talk of what tent/buffet station went where, my phone lit up. Casually I took a sneak peak and saw that MOTU had updated. Oh holy hell, my day just got so much better. THEN, my San Diego Twilighty friend Jessica aka @LuvsMeSumEdward, emailed me a new Robsteny waterfall pic. Sweeeeet. Come afternoon, I had another email from another lovely San Diegan friend, @TwiloveSue_1 informing me that Scummit would soon be announcing the Eclipse release celebrity singing info. SWEEEEET. Last year she went up to Santa Clara & had the pleasure of meeting Chris Weitz and Nikki Reed. They even signed her NM DVD! I'm hoping someone cool comes nearby and she let's me tag along ;) JK...she already asked me. Cross your fingers for someone cool!

Suffice to say, my day brightened significantly because of Twi....Can you believe it's ALMOST Eclipse release day!?!

On to some new-ish shit I find cool:

Jackson on KTLA. Yum.

Not enough JRath? Pffft, there is NEVER enough JRath. Here's a new vid! Jacks talking about his new web diary!?

Oh hey....another waterfall pic!

Look, these two are doing it. Face the facts. For a boatload more pics, go HERE.

Kris takin' a drag. Bet she looks like that when she goes down know.

Thanks for reading...or scrolling through :)



  1. Oh honey... :( we are on the same cycle!

    Sorry to hear about your crampies! I have been having a horrid(.) this month.

    Big, giant, warm (always helps me with my cramps) hugs to you babe!

  2. Aww your PMS/period story sounds like me every single month. PSM is the worst and then to top it off, I get fuckawful cramps for like 4 days straight. No judgement on the 6 advil, I know exactly how it is... I'm pretty sure I'm going to die from advil. I've tried everything but the only thing that helps me is to eat lots of bananas (the potassium helps cramps big time) drink lots of water and down advil!

    Hope things are better now and I'm glad Twitardia helped make the day a little more pleasant! :)

  3. Hey, you sound just like me.. a couple weeks ago! Sometimes every girl just needs a good tantrum. ((hugs)).

    11 more days till I get my Eclipse DVD! Rock on!

  4. Did I really just read about your cramps with no Twilight tie in? LOL!

    Let us know who you and TwiLove Sue will be have the chance to meet, and hopefully you won't have cramps that day!

  5. sounds like you had a shitty few days. hope you're feeling better.

    totes jealous about the dvd release thing. have fun! I'm assume you'll tell us all about it.

  6. Sorry Jen. :( I am in the pre-menopause stage of life so I am lucky/unlucky I don't get the visit any more. Some days it does feel like I'm ovulating if I get up too quick--jab in the side. Or see a Rob picture('splode)--which has been alot lately! LOL!

    I use those thermal care heating strips. They work for cramps and you can just slap'em on & go.

    As for the catching up, it will take a bit of time. All will be better soon. And the Ipod will show up when you are not look for it.

    Crossing fingers for you on Eclipse DVD signing. I'm Sue will be hooking you up!

    Is Jackson wearing a monkey snuggie? That sounds abit dirty!
    Have a great Friday! ~Christine

  7. You sound eerily like me. I often too can be in a good mood, till I start to pay bills, and I realize how fucking retarded we are every time we go out to dinner or shop like we are Beverly Hills housewives. $ makes me bummed.

    And I can't work out without music too! I swear to god, I have the same issue. But I have an iPhone so I usually never lose my phone. (I feel your pain)

    Happy that Twi made you feel better though!! If it's like chocolate for you, then there is no harm in that.

  8. Awww...I get the same shitty symptoms every month too!! I think fifty would turn any bad mood straight to a GOOD one...glad your day got better!!

  9. Isn't it amazing what a little fanfic can do for your day?

    Um, what is this "Scummit would soon be announcing the Eclipse release celebrity singing info" you speak of? Will you be posting it here or do I need flood email with requests? (Is this only on the west coast?)

    Happy Friday Jen

  10. Hey girl. I'm always glad to listen if you need to vent. Of course it helps when you throw in a few pics of Jackson. LOL

    Sorry about your feeling bad. At least menopause has only caused me to go crazy & get CW&IA piercings. WTF was I thinking?

    Glad your Twi freinds could cheer you up.


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