Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Let Me See Your Swing...

Found this and had to share! Tee hee!

PS Might have to click HERE it to see it bigger [she said that]

In other news, my s/o is addicted to golf. When I say addicted, I mean he usually plays 36 holes twice a week. How come I can't type holes without thinking dirty thoughts? Geez, this twidom has corrupted me. NOT. I have had a dirty mind my whole life.

Anyhoo...the other day DG (my s/o) came home and as always, I asked how his golf game was. I don't really care to hear all the details, but it makes him happy. He begins the conversation by telling me the names of the guys he played with [as if that has ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING]...oh contraire my dear, it did! He tells me he met and played with this guy he's never played with before and he thought it was funny, because the guys name was Edward. He then proceeds to tell me that all he could think about the entire game was how he had to tell me because it reminded him of yours truly... This makes me happy, because it means Twi has made somewhat of an impact on his brain!

Oddly enough, DG ended up getting paired up with the same Edward today! He said he had to fight the urge to ask him if his last name was by chance...Cullen.

Then of course I had to get to joking that I never knew Edward played golf.....

Please IGNORE our spare room/storage bin. K. Thanks.

Hey Edward, let me see your swing!

Hmmm, I might have to take some lessons!

Speaking of, have you ever feigned interest in a sport to score a crush?!?



  1. OMEC Jen!!!!! HA HA HA HA!!! I would have asked him if his last name was Cullen ;)

    I have a story that might, might not fit into your question...

    When I was in college, Cal Poly (the REAL one not Pomona),I was dating (and I still am) this cute, athletic guy. We were both in the same major, Kinesiology, but on different tracks. He was in Athletic Training and I was in Clinical. The only time our tracks combine is when we have to do a "pro act." MOST of the people in this major are athletic. I am NOT one of those. I grew up in dance and Equestrian riding. I cannot throw or catch a ball to save my life. So one quarter while planning our schedules I noticed he and I had one more pro act to take. He signed up for basketball… so sneakily so did I. We spent an entire quarter together, two days a week and two hours a day “playing” basketball. Pretty much I was learning this foreign language and S/O was just having fun with his buddies.

    Long story short, I could possibly be denied by the Special Olympics because I suck SO HARD at basketball. Case in point; one day my ass of a bf was picked to be captain to pick a basketball team for the day. I don’t remember who the other captian was but as a class we had to be picked one by one. Guess WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON PICKED????? Ohhhh yeah, that would be me. That ass thought it was hilarious that he didn’t pick me.
    Never again will I play or even pretend to be remotely interested in a sport for a guy, EVER!!

    ** for the record, my major was teeny and everyone in that class were BFF’s. So honestly it was funny at the time of the “team picking.” But I still sucked ass and was humbled every Tuesday and Thursday of Fall 2008 quarter :(


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