Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paint My Toenails & Knock Me Up!

So I was on twitter this evening...shock of all shocks [my tweeting has been slightly limited due to the new job] and @RobStenation made a comment about how she can't wait to see the scene where Bella misses her period in BD.

Uh oh. Maybe that Vamp juice did have live spermies!

Oh shit dawg.....

"You mean..blink, blink, I'm, twitch, twitch, I'm preggers?"

I cannot wait for BD...but we have another year, I digress.

Anyhoo, @RobStenation's comment got me thinking about how Eclipse left out my FAVORITE scene from the book. Ok call me lame, but my absolutely favorite part of Eclipse (the book) was the slumber party. You know, when Alice is "babysitting" Bella and Esme orders Italian from Port Angeles [he he, so funny saying that after being there!] and most importantly, Alice paints Bella's toenails "blood red."

Alice: "Bella, it's time!"
Bella: "Um......"
Rosalie: *eye roll* "Fine, I'll play along."

I loved how sweet they were to Bella at the slumber party, and there is something so endearing about Alice painting Bella's toe nails...She was really trying to make it a typical high school slumber party.

***With that said, what scene are you most hoping they'll keep in Breaking Dawn??? Now I'm not talking scenes they sort of HAVE TO put in there, like wrecked pillows, the wedding, the arrival of Renesmee...I'm talking the small scenes.

For example, I really hope they show the scene where Bella is gassing up her kick ass Mercedes and those guys are totally drooling all over it ;) Sweet.

Tell me your BD wishes, in the comments!



  1. I hope they can nail the scene where Bella sees Jacob for the first time at her wedding reception, especially when they dance together. I feel bad for Jacob because he can't help how he feels about twitchy Bella. I had the most vivid picture of them embracing and it being very endearing. I hope the scene does not involve a bunch of stuttering on behalf of KStew... ;)

    Side note question.. where do you think the first Breaking Dawn will end? I’m guessing when Bella “dies.” Just wondering what other people thought!

  2. Demanda- I'm thinking it will happen right after she gives birth and she's coming back to life. They are going to leave us at an effing cliff hanger...and I will kill them. FML.

    :) J

  3. My thought is that Bella is gonna die, Jacob will be all sad/angry pants and go down to kill baby but then get all Pedophile Paul. the camera will pan up to the room where bella is and it will focus in on her eyes. Suddenly, they'll open BLOOD red and BOOM! Fade to black, roll credits!

  4. Oh also I hope they keep the scenes with Jacob and Leah having all their convos about their pain and Leah wanting to leave with Jacob after the baby is born. I have a feeling a lot of the wolf pack drama will be left out but I really hope it isn't since it gives us a glimpse into Jake's life.

  5. It's not really a scene, but I really hope when Bella returns with the fake IDs, that Edward is playing Bella's Lullaby for her on the piano.

    @Demenda - I think Jake will imprint and then we'll hear Bella's heart as she begins the transformation. Just like the end of Jake's section of the book.

  6. Edward hearing Renesme's thoughts in the womb and relaying them to Bella in front of Jacob. That is when Edward's POV changes from husband to daddy. That whole family bonding moment makes Jacob want to throw up! BO-NUS!!!!!

  7. @TongueTwied - good one! that is a totally important moment.

  8. I really am hoping they keep all of the interaction between Jake and Rose. Those are some fantastically funny parts in the book and I think BD is going to need the comic relief. I know I couldn't get enough of those moments the first time I read BD.


  9. OK, Tess made me think of one: I sooooooooooo hope they leave in Rose changing a metal mixing bowl into a dog dish for Jacob's food!!!!

  10. Smitte- That's awesome!

    Everyone, love your thoughts!

  11. Off the top of my head, I hope they have the arm wrestlihg contest between Bella and Emmett. The talked a little smack in Eclipse, so I'm hopeful.

    And I echo kiTT's sentiments about the transition of Edward from husband to father. *sigh*

    @Demanda - I think BD1 will end the same way that "Book Two" ends in the original novel - Jacob sees Renesmee in Rosalie's arms and realizes that he is no longer tied to Bella.

  12. I hope they keep the part in the movie when Bella finally realizes that Jacob imprinted. I soooo want to see Jacob backing away slowly across the yard as Bella stalks towards him.

    OHHH and the scene when Charlie realizes that something isn't right with Nessie and Bella.


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