Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gaah, New/Old Rob Pics!

I haven't been on my lap top all's like a world record or something. Just as I sign on, I see these...not bad, not bad at all.

Love the the black & white, love his smile, don't love the hair.


Watcha think? Watcha think?

I might post later if inspiration hits...we'll see ;)

P.S. Yeah for a short work week! Mon, Tues and half day on Wed...then OFF THURS, FRI, SAT & SUN. Sweeeeet.

*pic source



  1. Yeah, I love Rob's smile in the first one but his hair is too short. I miss the "just rolled outta bed sexy as all fuck" look.

  2. That hair brought me back to every guy in 3rd-6th grade on picture day! LOL

  3. The hair in the first one reminds me of my grandfather. Who was a looker in his day, but... still my grandfather.

    The second one - ooh er. Hai there.

    You get a short week? No fair! Five days sucks. Jealous much.

  4. I am SO loving all of the new Rob pics!! Silly me was worrying about a Rob drought and then suddenly Brazil Edward, Butt Crack Rob, Jumping Rob, and Dancing Rob all showed up to entertain us along with some new/old outtakes to die for. Life is good :)


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