Monday, November 21, 2011

The Waiting Game

I wrote a rather haphazard Breaking Dawn Part 1 review last night & noticed a long comment from @ATXgal76. She's a busy girl, but pops in to comment now and again. I can honestly say, she doesn't comment unless she has something poignant to say. Love her!

Anyways, why the hell am I talking about a comment? Because it made me sad.  She didn't mean to make me sad, but she spoke the truth.  Here was the very last paragraph of her comment:

"I too cannot wait till part 2 and HATE that I know it's already filmed and basically being edited. Not to be Debbie Downer, but I don't think the next year will fly by because we won't get any news from filming or fans from the set - everything is basically on the editing table. There will be no more twi-activity (except for the actors new movies) till next fall. Boo hiss. Thank goodness for lovely blogs such as yours and long twitter feeds ;)"

OMG. She's right!!!

"No set pics?! No filming news?! No leaked photos?!

Of course I know they filmed both part 1 & 2 back to back,I just never really gave this next year much thought. I don't know that I'm prepared to survive the next 12 mos without any of this...

Twilight (change of outfits)

New Moon


BD part 1

Crazy to think I didn't read Twilight until August of 2009 & then did my first blog post December 2009, which means New Moon had already been filmed & was released about 2 weeks before my first post!  Now I'm remembering that I back tracked and blogged about seeing New Moon. Wow, I was late to the party. I remember seeing New Moon set pics on other blogs towards the end of filming...before I ventured into blogging. Wow, time flies...

BUT WILL THIS NEXT YEAR?!?! the comments!

UPDATE: I just thought of this...I bet Scummit will release little teaser pics here and there to keep us interested & then accuse us of passing them along.



  1. I hate being the voice of reason. The voice of reason is a bitch! LOL But Summit's a big fat tease, dangling vampy Bella eyes in front of us just before snapping their legs shut. With nothing else going on, Jon's right. They will probably have leaked the whole damn film by next November!

    The other side of the coin tho is that we should roll around in BD part 1 for as long as we can, count down the dvd release and throw red eye themed parties and plan our trips to tent city now (i so would but I'm hoping to be preggers) Because after part 2, it's all finito!

    At least experiencing the pain of waiting means there's more to come. The bigger question that makes Bella's wedding cake of dead bloody bodies look appealing, is what will we do next November?

  2. Sorry, I get long winded when emotional! :)

  3. Any thoughts about Scummit releasing BD2 "early"?? Wishful thinking on my part? I mean Harry Potter Parts 1&2 were only 7 months apart (give or take).....could they surprise us or is there just that much editing/CGI required for BD2?

    Geez....2011 was pretty barren can you even imagine 2012? Will we still care? Hunger Games anyone?

  4. Too depressing to contemplate.

  5. Oh my gawd.... how will we make it?

  6. Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened. - Dr. Suess

    Words we should live by :)


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