Wednesday, November 16, 2011

London Love

So the Breaking Dawn Premiere was in London today, and boy was Robsten looking absolutely ravishing. Seriously folks, I thought they looked even better for this premiere. How is this possible? Weren't they jet lagged? Gah, I'm exhausted simply thinking about it. 

London Love...

SEXY dress - KStew is wearing Roberto Cavalli...
and she wears it well!


Wowza! They look fabulous, even Tay ;)

I feel like there is so much to see & talk about right now! I thank Rob gawd we have this community of Twitards that "get it." The emails chains between some of us were hysterical today...who else do I have to blab about all of this to?

And to think, we have another YEAR until BD comes out. I think it's going to fly by before our eyes! It's not over yet's not over yet.

Up next, the new EW cover.....SO HOT!


I have probably a twizillion more things I could post about, but I know some of you have scrollitis [Mrs.P, I'm lookin' at you.]

Till next time,



  1. WOWZA!!! I mean, they looked stunning in LA, but...just...WOW.

  2. I LOOOOOVE them!!!! So adorably hot. Gah.

  3. Rob looks as handsome as ever. Kristen is unbelievable gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing, these are the only pics I've seen from the London premeire.

  4. Gah!! This is JUST the thing to pep up my afternoon, a scroll through all the blogs I've missed lately and you throw THOSE pics at me. I have the biggest girl crush on Kristen in that dress!


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