Wednesday, November 30, 2011

He Moves, She Moves.

If you're a Robsten fan, you must watch this vid!

He moves. She moves.

...& vice versus of course!

*I love 2.30*

Notice how there are no pictures of them from the New Moon Premiere?...I have realized in the past that if you google pics from that particular premiere, you'll find only 1 or 2 where they are steps apart on the red carpet. The only ones of them together are from the after party, via prying eyes.  I truly believe that's the time Scummit did not want them dating, nor did they want anyone else to THINK they were...whether it be for fear that it would end badly before the last film was shot, or for fear there would be backlash from the fans...who knows. Anyhoo, it totally supports my whole straight to the point Robsten theory...based on premiere pictures. Curious about that? Go HERE.

Alright my Robsten loving friends, I'm pooped.

Is it Friday yet?



  1. They looked so effing good at BD premiere!!!!!

  2. They truly are a stunning couple. And side note, Kristen has beautiful eyes. She looks sometimes like Lisa Presley... In the eyes. Cute vid, thanks for sharing.

  3. I want what she's having. JSYK.


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