Thursday, December 1, 2011

She Knows We Exist! Eeeek.

I have recently wondered if Kristen knows what a "Krisbian" is...and by golly, she does! ;)

Cute huh?! When I was reading the comments on this video, I noticed one person 'thinks' KStew referred to her "brother" as code for Rob, but if you have ever read much about her older brother, or even seen pictures of him, it's pretty likely that she really is referring to him. I imagine he's a bit more sensitive to the gay jokes, even if us fans don't intend it to be rude or offensive...I could be wrong though...

Krisbian just refers to a female who has a straight girl crush on Kristen...or a "if I was a lesbian, I'd totally be into her" type feeling.  I can just see Cam rolling his eyes....protective, yet FABULOUS brother of hers.

Quite honestly I feel pervy referring to myself as a Krisbian...but I just can't help it. She's HOT.



  1. I love how much Josh Horowitz crushes on all things Twi!

    This is probably the most uncomfortable, I-want-to-disappear-from-this-chair-rtfn I have seen her during the whole BD promo tour - lol...

  2. I love Horowitz. I wish I could find more of his BD interviews, but can't watch them from the MTV site as they're "not available in this region". Stupid interwebs.

    Oh, and uncomfortable, much?


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