Friday, December 9, 2011

FINALLY Saw Kellan Lutz In The Flesh.

*Forgive me for typos. It's Friday and my brain is mush*

Earlier in the week @TwiloveSue emailed me to say that Kellan Lutz would be at Fashion Valley this Friday launching his new clothing line, Abbott & Main. I immediately wanted to go, because as you may not know, Kellan is the one and only Twilight actor I have yet to see in person!  Though my excitement was halted when I found out that I'd need to shell out $150 on his new clothing line in order to to do a meet & greet/photo op.  I just couldn't justify it, especially since I only paid $50 to see Robsten pretty close- up at the BD Convention ;) However, I couldn't help but wonder if I could just "go" and catch a glimpse. Truthfully I toyed with the idea for the past few days...

Today I just said fuck it and went.  Plus I felt it was my duty since @TwiloveSue couldn't go :( So, I left the office about 3:15PM and had no idea what to expect.  I found parking right away, which is not unusual for me. I'm one of those annoying people that always scores a spot.  As I sauntered into Nordstroms, my eyes scanned the 1st floor for freaky fans and found nothing but innocent Christmas shopper.  I went up the escalator & discovered the line...but it wasn't too long.  They all had their receipts in hand of course.  Then I walked over to an area where there was a red carpet and Abbott & Main backdrop for photos ops. It was almost too easy.  As 4pm approached, more fans showed up. I even ran into @Twitwin1 & another Twi fan (of course I am blanking on her twitter name.)  Geez. Anyhoo, I ended up getting some ok pics with my iPhone.

These were the (3) best ones, the rest were blurry because I was a bit know what these Twi-guys do to me ;)

Admittedly, Kellan isn't my top have Twi dude (Rob & Jackson take that honor) , BUT he is adorable... & I couldn't help but picture these images as I wiped the drool off my face gazed longingly at him:

*fans self*

So what did I think of Kellan after FINALLY seeing him for the first time?

I think he's the most genuinely "nice" (hate that word) of the male Twilight cast. He also seems to be the most "outwardly" appreciative of his fans.  I say that because I don't believe he is necessarily more appreciative than's just he knows how to show it best.  He bear hugged each m&g/photo op I saw, & seemed super psyched to be there.  It was refreshing. Granted, he doesn't get the type of attention Rob does....Rob couldn't show up at a Nordstrom's fan event without the damn secret service....but all in all is was super cool to finally see him and I'm glad I went. On a side note, since I'm sure you'd like to know...he is as tall as I'd imagined (not super tall, but the perfect height) and he is as built as you think he'd be. I was always afraid he'd been thinner or shorter...but he was pretty much what you see on TV.  In fact, his body is sexy as hell. Just sayin'.

I would have stuck around because rumor had it that he ends up taking pics and meeting everyone at these things, even if you haven't spent the $150 smackaroos. BUT I needed to get back to the office. Though those plans were sent off kilter when DG texted me that he left work sick.  He is NEVER sick. He's had nothing more than a minor cold in the 5 years we have lived together...but he says he's nauseous and his entire body hurts super bad.  Poor dude is actually in bed. I have never witnessed him sick in bed. Hoping I don't get it. I haven't had the flu side 2000. Cross your fingers and toes.



  1. I am so glad you went. Great pictures.

  2. Kellan is also the last on my Twi list... damn I really need to see him in person. Awesome pics and I'm glad to hear he is what I'm imagining him to be in the height and build department ;)

  3. He looked great!
    So glad you made it there and got to see him.

  4. Damn I wish I lived in SD still! So glad you were able to see him. Hope DG is feeling better and that you were able to avoid getting sick too!


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