Sunday, December 11, 2011

If You Don't Watch It All, At Least Watch @ 1.32. OMFG! LMAO!

I am probably way effing late to this hilarious party, but um, have you seen this?!?! Is Rob reading Twitarded?

Could Rob be reading OUR blogs?! PMSL.

 Start @ 1.32 if you want skip to the point ;)

BTW, the whole video is pretty damn funny. Worth a watch when you have some time.

Yah I'm probably super ass late & missed this whole thing, but holy shit my mouth was left gaping open. He he. Like Rob saying "hobo" when I was at the Kimmel taping. Classic.



  1. I just got done watching the whole thing. Quite a good montage!

    I had seen the 'just the tip' stuff before, funny tho, and totally agree about him reading our blogs!

    Oh, and I love his laugh so much. And I love that we see some Jackson & Peter in this clip too, that's rare.

  2. Super cute! I had seen most of those interviews before but it's nice to have the funniest parts all together.

    Have to agree w/ @TwiKiwiFifty - I love that they included other cast members and even that darling Wyck & sweet Bill C.

    I will never get over Rob talking about sparkling like a my little pony and saying "just the tip" in front of his parents! Things like this just make me love you more, Mr. Pattinson!


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