Thursday, December 29, 2011

Libenet Strikes Again...And It's Oh So Sweeeet!

Thought I'd share a new video from the ever so talented, Robsten-loving Libenet.  She never fails to amaze. This one in particular is light a it!

PS I had never heard what Stephanie Meyer said in the very beginning of this vid. Check it out!

Here's a another one (not by Libenet) that's VERY short & sweet. I especially love the Bill Condon quote at the start, as well as what he says...sigh...

Hope you enjoyed, I know I did!



  1. awwwww Thank you bb! I discovered your blog few months ago when I was looking for a good site about Jackson (he's my next favorite actor in the bunch, after Robsten ;)).
    "Sotwired" is a lovely place and you guys are so sassy and funny. Luv it! <3
    Anyway ; thank you so much for the support and love.
    A very happy new year to all of you ladies! :)

  2. Thanks Libenet! Happy New Year to you too! Here's to a Robsten filled 2012!

    xo J

  3. love both these videos!! Your videos of Robsten are the best Libenet!! Here, Here, to a Robsten filled 2012!!!


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