Saturday, December 3, 2011

Um, I forgot.

So today it, well what's left of it, is my bloggy 2 year anniversary. I have a LONG post to do & completely spaced it this morning...I planned to do it this evening, but to be honest, I ended up renting "Friends With Benefits" and drooling over JT.

The post is coming tomorrow. PROMISE!



  1. OMG I just watched "Friends With Benefits" and um yes he has a nice ass! Mr. Snarky was complaining that the Mila-to-JT nudity ration was heavily stacked in my favor (he had a point).

    I equally spaced on something for your anniversary and feel like a turd but after I read all the other wonderful stuff people sent you, I will try to leave a worthy comment that nobody will read because I'm SO FUCKING LATE!!! But hopefully you will read it and that's all that matters. Er, or something like that...OK it's been a rough week-or-so and i need to stop typing now... xoxo

  2. STY - OMG I hear you, I have been so busy with work that I just space it ALL THE DAMN TIME. And I'm reading it and it totally counts.

    Yah, Friends with Benefits was pretty sweet. I have such a crush on JT...and yes, Mila kinda has a boys body. Props to Mr. Snarky.

    Love you STY.



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