Friday, December 16, 2011

A Message From Jackson to ES:

Hey ES, don't shoot the messenger... 

Funny how he doesn't mention HIS alleged gf.  

Sneaky devil.

As for ES, well, let's just say Jackson isn't the only one with a significant other these days... I'll let her elaborate if she chooses to do so ;)

Love ya Sis!



  1. Oooooh..... do tell, Sarah, do tell!

  2. Baaahhha she hasn't even seen it yet because she's busy with him ;) It's one of her closest guy friends from HS. He's a doll (not to mention very cute) and timing just happened to fall into their laps. That's all I'll say!

  3. This is perhaps a little too coded for me. Either that, or I'm not quite awake yet. Or you're speaking in tongues.

    I don't get it (but that's one kick-ass pic of Jackson!).

    CC x

  4. CC- My Sis and very random co-blogger has been in lust with Jackson forever, but now has a boyfriend...make sense now?


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