Sunday, November 20, 2011

Breaking Dawn in Twired's Eyes *SPOILERS

Sarah & I went to see BD part 1 at a relatively small theater on Friday evening at 7:30PM.  It appeared pretty quiet and so we went to grab a drink(s) beforehand...thinking we'd be just fine.  Once we got back there was a split moment of panic when we saw a line of about 50 people.  Luckily we were warm and toasty from our drinks so waiting outside was no biggie.  Before we knew it, they were letting us into the theater.  It ended up being about 80% full, which was perfect.  Once we were seated, I really couldn't believe we were moments away from seeing the first half of the last Twilight movie. Part of me feared that it wouldn't be as amazing as I'd hoped. Sure, it was my second to least favorite book (New Moon being my least) but I didn't hate it like some of you, which means I probably had higher expectations...Though admittedly I did skip the entire Jacob pov the first time around. Didn't we all?

Anyways, I might as well cut to the chase...Nothing prepared me for how much I loved Breaking Dawn. Yup, I absofuckinglutely LOVED it. LOVED IT!  ES did too. To steal LKW's line, I had a perma grin on my face for the entire first half of the movie. I was in seventh heaven...everything was just like I envisioned it while reading.  The lead up to the wedding, the wedding, the honeymoon, the pregnancy, the change, the fetus baby...Wow, just wow. Sure there were a couple parts that were giggle worth in a make-fun sorta way, but nowhere near the amount that were in the 3 prior movies.

Bahhaa, Jasper looks like a Golden Girl!

I think I'm going to cop out and do my review "list style." There is so much floating around in my head that I want to say, that I feel like I just need to list it out, much like Twikiwi did on her blog.

Here it goes...

(keep in mind that my brain is frazzled & my evaluation is all over the freakin' place)

1. I loved the flash back to Edward being a "killer." It was totally unexpected & seeing him with a bit of blood on  his lips was oddly appealing.

2.  Kristen Bella  as a bride looked really beautiful, but not as "stunning" as I envisioned in the book. I hope I don't get beat down for that. See my thoughts on vampy Bella before you throw apples at me. The dress was prettier than what I envisioned in the book. I thought it would be even more conservative & I was relieved that it wasn't The back was sexy & unexpected.

3. The Wedding Ceremony: Fabulous.  I loved how nervous she looked and I cried like a baby when she finally laid eyes on Edward. I think this part of the movie was cathartic for me. As most of you know I started reading Twilight at a point in my life where I was very frustrated with my relationship, I wanted it to move forward at a much faster pace...and here I am married to that person...& in turn, watching Bella marry Edward. May sound weird, but it's very emotional for me.

4. The Reception: The toasts at the wedding were hysterical. Emmet cracked me up,  Jessica was fabulous, Charlie was in true form, Renee was sooo embarrassing,  & Esme was perfect as always, as was Edward.  Alice & Jasper dancing was totally cute and so something they'd do. I love that he flipped her just like it was no big deal.

5. The Honeymoon: AMAZING and just how I envisioned it.  I loved how they showed Bella brushing her teeth, shaving and slightly freaking was the first time we've witnessed Bella act like a human...As for the sex, YES the fade to black was startling at first, but I liked how Bill incorporated the morning flash back to the night before. I was pleasantly surprised and felt it fit perfect...not to mention I loved the song. I thought the latter half of the honeymoon was right on par too, from the chicken eating scene to Alice calling Edwards cell...

6. Pregnant Bella: Brilliant, bravo Bill Condon. Bella looked like she was wasting away, on deaths well done. The sounds of her bones breaking was so realistic too.  And when she was pretty much dead, FABULOUS...though I did think Edward took his time and that annoyed me. Plus I don't know at what point he realized the venom had wasn't clear to me....I thought the scenes that showed the venom pumping through her veins, bone marrow etc was a great well as her internal screaming. I remember in the book how they described her to be still on the outside but writhing in the pain on the inside.I wish they would have showed a bit more of that, but I understand they only have time for so much...

7. The Wolves: I thought they were scarier this time really scary. I giggled internally when they all talked to each other in wolf form, but I didn't think it was that bad...

9.  WIGS: Carlisle was atrocious...and note how I'm not specifying JUST his wig. His wig, or whatever the eff you want to call it, was HORRIBLE! And his voice...he sounded like a damn martian! WTF?! PS I thought Rosalie looked beautiful throughout, and I thought Jackson, I mean Jasper looked pretty hot in some scenes. As far as Alice, I thought her wig was much truer to the books, than in previous movies. She's SUPPOSED to look pixi-like.

8. Renesmee: Totally not creepy, much better than I'd thought.  She was born looking more like a 4 mos old  (which is true to the book) & later has these super intuitive brown eyes...PERFECT.

9. The End: Vamp Bella (for the split second we saw her) is gorgeous, just how I pictured her.  And the way the movie ended, just how I was hoping.  I have mentioned a few times that I figured they'd cut it right before she woke up, or right as she woke up.  I CANNOT WAIT TILL PART 2. Do we really have a year? This past year flew by, so my only hope is that 2012 will too.

As I said before & I'll probably say a bunch more, I just loved this movie. It's my favorite so far. We saw it for the second time this morning & I cannot wait to see it for a 3rd. I feel like there is so much more to say, I really kept this surface level and am almost ashamed...I guess I just still feel overwhelmed & I'm processing it all...

Oh and by the way, I LOVE this song. LOVE it like I love Robsten.



  1. I LOVED THIS MOVIE!!!! and just wondering ,did you notice that kristen is wearing her gold "robert" band when she is practicing walking in the shoes?? never saw it again after that, noticed it on my third go around, noticed other stuff each time i saw it!! LOl, will deff be seeing it a bunch more!!

  2. I totally noticed that this time during the shoe scene. So awesome :) Can't wait to see it again.

    xo J

  3. Woah wait, what gold robert band? Gah I LOVE this gave me chills. I have no idea how Bill managed to turn the most hated book in the series to the best movie by far. It's amazing. I need to do my post to review it..hopefully this week sometime, maybe after my 3rd viewing haha. BTW "Bella as a bride looked really beautiful, but not as "stunning" as I envisioned in the book" = Same here. She was GORGEOUS like always... but not such a difference from how she usually looks.

    I saw or read in an interview (they all blend together now) that Kristen said she wishes that part with her being in pain while turning was more in depth also.

    I was confused too as to where we were able to tell that the venom started working.. they didn't make that clear but Carlisle does say "listen to her heartbeat" or something like that while she's laying there.

    It ended exactly the way I thought it would happy about that. Gah, she is going to make a STUNNING vampire. I cried so hard when she 'died' even though we knew she'd come back. But it was sad because the series is almost over. Sob.

  4. I really think that this is my favorite of the 4 so far! Bill really got this one right! I wish it could be split into 3 or 4 movies because I could have spent way more time on each part - more wedding, more honeymoon, more everything! One thing that bugs me is that we got way too much time with Bella and Jacob dancing at the wedding and really no time with Edward. That should have been Edward and Bella's first dance. I wanted to see that I also don't think Bella should have been addressed as "Bella Swan" in the wedding vows - it should have been "Isabella Swan" but maybe that's just me.

    Anyway, I can't wait to see it again on the big screen!!!!! I have "Turning Page" on repeat everywhere I, walking around the house with headphones on....can't get enough of the beautifully written song!

    Great post Jen!!!!

  5. I'm so pissed I've only seen it once. I NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN! And fucking Thanksgiving is ruining everything because I'm hosting 13 and I need to clean my house and it's going to take forever because I have two of the messiest dogs on earth! UGH!!

    Great post Jen. I loved reading your thoughts since I haven't been able to give my real two cents yet! Although I fucking HATE HATE HATED that talking wolf scene.

  6. I'm still puting y thoughts together after two watches (the cold I have is NOT helping) but I am having a great time reading what everyone else has to say! I feel like I agree with everyone, even though that sounds contradictory... OK that might be the Nyquil talking...

  7. @Jaymes- I responded to you via email from bed last night..woooh hooo!

    @UAB - I love how everyone notices something different! I wish she would have had LESS time with Jacob and more with Edward dancing (at the wedding.)

    @LKW - YOU NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN. You notice much more the second time, and I'm sure the 3rd. I need to see it AGAIN. Good luck with your company!

    @STY - I agree with most people to, on different levels. It's neat to read/hear what everyone thinks because we all bring a different perspective to the table.

    xoxo J

  8. Ok - I finally just saw Breaking Dawn tonight cuz I was in BFE till yesterday and wow...soooo must see again this weekend. I am one of the few that liked the book and I am one of the VERY few (if not only) person that has read it only once *gasp!* I consider this a good thing, because it makes the movies a little bit "new" for me. I'm always tempted to re-read just before a new movie, but make myself wait. I'll hit the series again, once all the movies are out.

    As for your points so far, here goes:

    1. Loved the flash back of Edward and happy I'm not the only one that thought the bit o' blood is hot. Total yang of Sappyward. Yum.

    2. Wedding Dress: so much better than what I pictured from the book, yet wasn't true to the book, so I was a little torn. Wonder how Stephanie felt about that one...

    3. Wedding Ceremony: I honestly thought this was some of KStew's best acting - that walk up to the isle just before she sees him. Thought she might yak, which I totally get cuz I felt the same on my day. (During my wedding planning days I always told my nervous brides, "eyes on your man and you'll be all good"). Good job Stew!

    4. The Reception: loved the toasts and thought how Bella teared up dancing with Jacob was perfect. (of course I knew from interviews that it was the last scene they filmed, so it was even more special)

    5. The Honeymoon: Agreed. I think that Bill gave us much more than Stephanie ever did. LOVED the morning after destruction! Didn't she have a craving for eggs though???

    6. Pregnant Bella: You mean Holocaust Bella??? That's all I could think of for the last hour of the movie. I forgot that it was Jacob's idea for feeding her blood. Have to go check my book on that one. Totally agree about 1.) being confused when Edward realized the venom was working (tho the scenes showing it coursing thru her body was nicely done.) 2.) So should have shown her internal torment more. There was only a brief flash.

    7. The Wolves: I too liked the scary wolves and the voices didn't bug me at all. I actually love/hate to hear them make the whimpering dog sound, like when they are hurt or confused. I giggle and feel bad for them at the same time.

    9. WIGS: SO MUCH BETTER than Eclipse I can overlook poor Carlisle. For once Rosalie didn't like a vamp in drag, Alice didn't look like a choir boy and Jasper didn't look like a constipated mop. Seems like Twilight was the only movie to get the vamp makeup right and that was probably because of the crazy blue filter thingy.

    8. Renesmee: AGREED! all around. Even the imprinting wasn't too creepy. Notice in Jacob's voice over how he says "friend, brother, anything she ever needs" Never once did he say lover or imply anything sexual. Thank god!

    9. The End: Vamp Bella - Again, AGREED!!! So cannot wait for vamp Bella, however, I wish they would have shown more of her internal struggle and shown more concern among the Cullens of her being a blood thirsty 'newborn'. They all just seemed like they were waiting for her to wake up from a nap. WTF?? Guess we'll see that in part 2.

    I too cannot wait till part 2 and HATE that I know it's already filmed and basically being edited. Not to be Debbie Downer, but I don't think the next year will fly by because we won't get any news from filming or fans from the set - everything is basically on the editing table. There will be no more twi-activity (except for the actors new movies) till next fall. Boo hiss. Thank goodness for lovely blogs such as yours and long twitter feeds ;)

  9. @ATXGirl - LOVED your comment. AND I totally never thought about the last thing. We won't have filming news, leaked pics etc to hold us over. OH NOES! Seriously, wtf will we do? Ugh.

    OMG LMAO at your wig comment about Jasper, Rosalie & Alice. Classic.

    xo J

  10. I'm hopefully going for the third time tomorrow night with @SparklyJul. And I can't wait to see HoneymoonWard and DaddyWard all over again.... *sigh*


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