Monday, November 28, 2011

Reality Called....

Today didn't start out as a bad day, so I'm really hoping it doesn't end bad...but the middle has sucked ass.  I get into work this morning & my boss is sick as hell & ends up checking her email & leaving....that would have been fine if I hadn't had to take over her client meeting.  I already had one scheduled myself for 1:30 & hers was at 12:45pm...cutting it close. As I'm walking down the street fumbling with a stack of our sales kits, I proceed to slice my right middle finger wide open on the edge of one of them. I stood there, like an idiot....

...kinda like this...

I half expected an angry mop-headed blonde vamp to appear out of thin air, poised for attack...but of course that didn't happen. Instead I dropped my present sales kits to the pavement, along with some blood & held on to my finger for dear life.  I'm pretty squeamish, not when it come to blood, but cuts....they totally gross me out. Major eebie jeebies. 

When I finally got back to the office, I had 10 emails, 2 to of which I could respond to.  Why is that you ask? Well, we just switched over from our PC's to Macbook Pro's. Sure, they're fancy and super fabulous, but transferring business files from a PC to a Mac is no smooth transition. It's like English to Japanese. Apples to oranges. SO EFFING ANNOYING. I needed to look up stuff that we haven't yet uploaded to our drop box & I couldn't open certain attachments...I seriously thought I was going to go postal.  I know a tiny bit of it has to do with the fact that I had such a long wonderfully relaxing 4 day holiday weekend...

It's super hard to get back into the swing of things.


UPDATE: The whole point in me posting today was to upload this pic, which was highly indicative of how I felt..... go figure, I forgot and left it out. It now feels oddly appropriate considing our power was out when I got home...perfect ending to a shitty day.

How was your first day back?



  1. I missed two deadlines...said f*ck it and blew the dust off my twitter all in all..WIN!

  2. No holidays here... same old same old. I did have a super sucky work week though.

    I spy someone who has a new iPhone and is discovering the photo manip apps...

  3. Crappy since I was supposed to be off but I used up all my time this year and had to give up Monday for the premiere - great exchange until the day actually came :( Oh well, life is good otherwise


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