Monday, June 6, 2011

You're Just Jealous You're Not In It

The "Robsten Bubble"....

You're just jealous you're not in it ;)

Speaking of the Robsten Bubble, the following photos give me the feeling that I'm peering into their relationship through a peep hole...

Kind of creepy & kind of sexy at the same time.

BD MOVIE SPOILERS AHEAD! anyone really remaining a virgin?!?


Double Gah!

What did you think of the trailer?!? I liked it a lot, but I think there will be much better ones to come. And, I can't freakin' wait!



  1. Since we got nothing but leaked photos up until now, and a few boring shots that Summit allowed to be released, I almost died when I saw the trailer. I forgot how much I miss my Twilight world. So far I love it.

  2. I think Kristen looks breath-takingly beautiful as a bride and that's without seeing the dress yet. I love how the makeup people truly captured the simplistic beauty of Bella that is described in the book. And I simply can not get over the headboard scene. I am truly surprised that is making the cut as PG-13 and it gives me a lot of hope for what else might be in there for those of us who are "slightly mature" (ahem.....I mean in age of course)!
    Even though the show itself was not great, I really enjoyed the mtv movie awards because of being such a twi-night. (Can anyone explain even why the stage looked like a creepy kind of Alice in Wonderland?) Anyway, I enjoyed drunky Rob probably more than I should have and have new found respect for Kristen in obviously having a lot of patience in dealing with drunky Rob. :) I personally think they make an adorable couple and for their sake wish people would just let the whole are they/aren't they issue drop.
    I can not wait to see what else Summit has in store for us between now and November. much as I've enjoyed the trailer, doesn't November seem that much further away now??? ;)

  3. Ah yes, the headboard scene... YUM!

  4. Ah-Flipping-Mazing!

    Team Wedding. Team Robsten. Team Headboard.

    GAHHHH November is so far away!

  5. November 18 Is d day.

    Pattison and kristen going on sweetly.the romance is infectious

    I'm on team jake.where is the wolfy prince


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