Wednesday, June 22, 2011

KStew, CWeitz & KLutz...say that 3 times fast!

If it were possible for me to love KStew more that I already do, the following pics make it happen. Kristen recently attended New Moon Director Chris Weitz premiere of "A Better Life."  You can tell these two had a great working relationship. Taylor came out to support Chris as well, but he looks really squinty eyed in most pics so I'll skip them.  No hard feelings Taylor.

Look how gorgeous she looks!

Love, love, love how she always
changes into sneakers.

Chris seems like an awesome guy, at least from what I have seen of his tweets.  He always takes the time to answer as many questions as he can. 

Does anyone else have the urge to watch NM again? Nah? Me just makes me too sad. Oddly enough it's the one movie & book I have watched/read the least, but I have sort of had the urge to re-read Twilight & then New Moon again. I'd skip Eclipse since I've read that the most.... then move onto BD just in time for November.  I started re-reading BD a few mos ago, but have since put that on pause.

In other news, I just had to share this adorable pic of fellow Twi cast member, Kellan Lutz at Nylon Magazine event.  He looks adorable!

I'd arm wrestle him in a second...just to let him win ;)



  1. Kristen is absolutely adorable in those pictures! It's nice seeing her so relaxed without a million papps closing in and I think it says a lot that she & Taylor showed up to support CWeitz.

    I enjoyed your post, Jen - as always! XO

  2. Nice post, Jen. I too love how she changes into sneakers, and unashamedly so!

    Shirtless arm wrestle FTW!

  3. Just last evening I was listening to Chris being interviewed on NPR and he said how fond he is of Kristen. I bet they'll work together again someday!

    It was a great interview!

  4. I love that Kristen gets comfy at these events. She's like screw the shoes.. I'm all about that!

    I'd arm wrestle Kellan just to let him win too ;)

  5. Um yeah, I'd intentionally lose (like I would have that option) to KLutz, just in hopes of ending up underneath him.

    KStew looked GORGEOUS at the ABL premiere! I think it's so awesome of her and Taylor to support Chris and his movie.

    I'm in the mood for some re-reads, if I could ever get my nose outta fanfic long enough. Hopefully I'll at least re-read BD again before November.

  6. Trying once again to comment on my own post in response to others. Blogger has been such a f*ck nut lately. Let's see if this works....

  7. Holy jeeeeeeezus it worked! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess unclicking the keep me signed in thing does help on gmail.

    Sweeeet. Thanks for the comments ya'll ;) I haven't been able to comment back in a month or so!

  8. Are you gidding me, New Moon is awesome!!!!! =)

  9. and i ment the movie! not book :)


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