Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chains & Whips Excite Me ;)

I just had to post's not brand spankin' new, and I have watched it more than a few times...but it was certainly worth sharing again. I was on YouTube browsing possible songs that would entice people to dance at my wedding & of course my search led to Rhianna (whom I love.) The search for her led me to her newer song song S&M, which led me to search for this again..........NO, it's not being played at my wedding, just sayin'.

If you haven't read MOTU, you might have no clue what's so fabulous about this vid. But then again it's still super hot.

Shout out to the AHHHHMAZING @Robzsinger! Girl has skillz!

Oh, and I stole borrowed this from her blog because it rocks.



  1. Yep, I LOVE that vid by Robzie!! She's got mad skillz.

    It's amazing...and so so smokin' hott!

    The song is perfect for the pics and of course makes me think of Fifty, which is always a good thing! *panty drop*

  2. you're not gonna play S&M at your wedding? pffft.


    thanks for sharing this. it really means a lot.


    my latest vid got blocked by can find it here:
    (wfe premiere highlight reel)

  3. Wow, our Robzie made that? Girl, you got talent!

    Speaking of talent. Rob. Mmmm. *drool*


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