Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ash Buys Flowers On A Whim. I'm Jealous.

The lovely Ashley Greene was spotted doing a bit of grocery shopping at a Whole Foods in LA yesterday after a work out at the gym.

*Yes these are pap pics, but if you look at the other pics here, she seems very happy & not bothered*

It must be nice to just buy some flowers on a whim. That may sound silly, but I'm sure she didn't look at the price tag. In fact, do you ever really look at the price of grocery store items as a celeb? I guess it depends on your personality.  I could see Kristen totally looking to see how much something costs, but I'm not quite sure about Ashley.

I have always celebs that are uber big (I'm talking Brad & Angelina status) monitor their own checking & savings accounts?  I'm sure they have multiple accounts, like one that is for every day items and one for big purchases, as well as a whole slew of investment accounts.  But for celebs like Ashley, who aren't there yet...I'm curious. 

I'm sure Rob has people that do all that stuff for him. I wonder if he even knows his worth at this point?

"You mean I get paid for this stuff?!"

What are your thoughts on how celebs manage their finances?  Do you think it depends on how much your worth, or more so the type of person you are....down to earth despite your fame, or a bit removed from reality.



  1. When you hear about celebs that get into trouble financially- like they are out spending millions friviously, its got to be because other people manage their money and they have no awareness of what they actually have, and maybe people manage their money but if no one manages their spending it could get bad fast. Also I feel like celebs get a lot of things for free- so maybe they like a pair of jeans they were given, and tell their assitant to go buy them 5 more pairs, but don't know that they are buying 1000 dollar jeans! Hummmn I feel like Bravo could make a reality show out of this somehow.

  2. I think the bigger of a star you become, the more removed from reality you are.

  3. Buying yourself flowers says says you feel as if you're worth buying flowers for. Buy them for yourself, jen! It feels great...

  4. That caption on Rob's picure is priceless (no pun intended)!!!

    I have wondered the same about how they deal with their money and accounts. Let's get famous/rich so we can find out!! :)


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