Saturday, June 25, 2011

Robward, You Complete Me.

I have had such a nutty weekend so far, being technically on call via my cell all weekend.  I work in corporate event sales & 95% of our events are scheduled during the week....not THIS weekend. There is a huge pharmaceutical convention going on and I have small piddly ass dinners going on all over downtown. Of course I'm getting phone calls left and right...groups running late, pre-set menus that aren't quite perfect, blah blah blah. I'm so over it.  I got 4 phone calls during dinner alone. THIS is what happens when too many damn people are involved (ie, a company hires a meeting planner, who hires a local DMC who uses us.)  Anyhoo, it's a rarity that I get bugged on the weekend.....PMS is just making everything worse.  After dinner, I poured another glass of wine & came and got into bed leaving poor DG behind. He understands though. I'm cranky, annoyed and it's probably best if everyone left me alone. Of course my cell phone is right next to me and my work email is open in another browser just in case.

What does one do when feeling cranky & emotional (aside from watch/read Twilight, which I already plan to do)? Well I for one go in search of any new Twilight news...particularly pics of Rob.  I pulled up twifans & immediately see a picture that turns my frown upside down. Ok, that was cheesy. No really....this pic made everything less stressful.

Wait for it..............


Robward, you complete me.

This stunning picture is apparently from the 2012 Breaking Dawn calendar.  I need it, NOW.  Not sure what month this is, but every month will be this picture...even if I risk screwing up my schedule.  Good gawd, Robward looks stern, chiseled, sexy, smoldering and just simply YUM. I want him to hold me, protect me, kiss me, break beds with me....THIS is why I fell in love with the Twilight movies.

Am I overreacting? Maybe.  Could just be bad PMS...but this is a fabulous picture, isn't it?!?

Now onto a fabulous video I found. It's truly beautiful. Don't worry "I don't give a crapstens,"...this is about Edward & his Bella.

Hope you enjoyed.

***Sidenote: My weekend has been nutty with phone calls, but I did have an awesome day with my Mom at the Ocean Beach Street Fair. Weather was sunny and warm...sunshine was bright. Life was good.



  1. Robward & the vid rock! Thanks Jen. :)

    I'm glad you had a good day with your Mom!

  2. I think I kinda have to disagree with you lovely! I think he looks constipated and pissed off. And WTF is with Bella's hair in the full shot?

    S'Ok, I'll just go back to watching *cough* something "leaky" instead. Tis waaaaay juicier. Tee hee hee.

    PS, will you still love me and let me stay with you? *crosses fingers*

  3. Love the video! Got way too caught up in it!

    I need someone with mad skillz to retouch his hair in that photo.

    Hope things calm down a bit with your job...not the business, just the problems. :)


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