Sunday, June 19, 2011

Forget Kids!

So for those of you that may not know, ES works at a vet clinic as a tech. She started as a receptions about 8 years ago, working her way up to head receptionist ,and then evetually vet tech. Recently someone brought a pregnant cat into the clinic, who'd sustained a head injury. The guy who was feeding her accidentally slammed her head in the door.  She ended up being ok, thank gawd & the clinic decided to keep her as their "clinic cat," as they have done with a few other wayward felines. Addie, as they named her, eventually gave birth to 8 adorable kittens.  I went to visit them yesterday, as ES had been trying to get me to do since they were born.  They're only 13 days old and as you can imagine, just precious.  And Addie is just such a sweetheart, rubbing up against me seemingly unphased by her sleeping kittens.

All 8. Some on top of one another.

He/She (?) was the largest. I'd name it Emmett :)

This one is "Milk Drunk." It was one of the 1st to eat & finish...

This one was the smallest, I'd call her Alice.

Just precious.

I grew up always having a cat & a dog, but had always considered myself much more of a dog peson.  But since I have been living in apartments & condo's, I just couldn't justify getting a dog. It will happen one day! But in the mean time, I feel as though I might have become more of a cat person, much to my dismay.  In fact, if I was crazy & single, I might just adopt all 8 of those kittens and name them....

Edward, Bella, Jasper, Alice, Emmet, Rosalie, Carlisle & Esme!

 I might have to swap out a name and add in Charlie or Renee, should the sexes be off, but hey...wouldn't that be so freakin' cute!?! Forget kids, I want a harem of kittens named after Twilight characters!


  1. Cute!

    I am SO getting a cat when I get home.

  2. mawww... 'Emmett' is such a little fatty! S/he was wrestling with all the other ones yesterday, it was like slow-mo WWF!

    PS Did I tell you why we named her Addie? "ADDI-ng to the population" :D

  3. SO precious!!! I love dogs, too, but I've always had cats. My cat is more of a cat-in-dog's-clothing anyway - lol... she has a LOT of personality. you'd love her! : )

  4. My kids are absolutely BEGGING for one of these guys, lol.

  5. KITTENS!!! I keep saying my boys need a little sister :) I apparently am the only one to think this though. Wish we lived closer or a little Alice might come home with me.


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