Sunday, June 5, 2011

Robsten Holding Hands & Kissing (?) Backstage!

YES, I have blogger A.D.D today. Come on, when something like this comes along, I have to post it. I just have to do it!

 I love how people still refuse to believe they're together.  So they haven't publicly said "we're a couple," but why do they have to? It's obvious isn't it?


Oh and PS, am I the only one who thought the awards SUCKED ASS this year? They were so much better last year in my opinion. I'm not talking Twilight mind you, just the awards as a whole...Not Funny.

Miss the BD trailer? Go HERE!



  1. Hey Jen,

    I agree, they were mediocre. What is gonna happen to these awards in two years time when there's no more twilight?

    Robsten looked hot. Good on them for 'taking it backstage'. Hope Kristen took advantage of drunk Rob haha xx

  2. Oh last night was priceless in so many ways!!!

  3. Oh what I would give to trade places with Kristen... I agree with you about the awards. Other than having Twilight there, the show totally SUCKED.

    I hope Summit pays proper tribute to BD and there is a ton of hooplah for the opening!! I'm so sad that Twilight will have to eventually end.

  4. Other than anything Twilight, the awards sucked. Really, just 2 people/groups sang?! And then all they did in between was show trailers? Laaaaame. Gawd, I heart Robsten in a big way. They are adorable in so so many ways. I mean seriously, what do they have to do to convince nonstens? Haha she's going to be prego and people will say 'It's just an act for publicity' so lame. Also, I absolutely flove that kstew wore her heels for the red carpet and changed as soon as she was done. So something I do when I go places. If I'm ever famous, totally stealing that move.

  5. they are perfect!! <3 Love them =)


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