Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Mini KStew Cooper Is Back!

Driving downtown today on my way to work I was tailed closely by a grey mini-cooper.  As I glanced in my rear view mirror at the approaching vehicle, I immediately thought of KStew.  The mini-cooper was the same color as the one Kristen used to be seen driving around LA in. As I mused at the thought, the car swerved around me as if I had been going 10 mph in a 40mph zone.  My immediate reaction was to make a sarcastic "oooh, aaah, you're so cool" face, but with PMS on my side, I also gave the driver (who happened to kind of look like a Kristen...but with blonde hair) one of these:

That girl wished she was KStew.
Not KStew, the wannabe girl.

I have a point here, I swear!  When I flipped open my lap top tonight and headed over to Twifans, I found these. Now I do warn you, they are pap pics. BUT, I'm just so damn excited to see Kristen out and about in LA.  We rarely get to see her doing "normal" things, like shopping or going to yoga...which is apparently what she was doing today. And, guess what car she was all of a sudden driving again?! 


Hai Kristen!

Here are the rest of the pics. They "say" she was attending a yoga class in West Hollywood, but she's in regular clothes getting out of her car, then all of a sudden in yoga clothes knocking on a front door.  Hmm, something smells fishy, and it's not Rob's fingers ;)

I never pegged KStew for the yoga type. But good for her!  So happy to see her smiling face.  I just love the girl.



  1. it looks like these are a mash-up of her leaving the gym and going to yoga? I saw a gym pic earlier with her toting the bag... but no mini! she's too cute though. and nice to see her smiling! you wouldn't be able to wipe the smirk off my face if i was in her shoes! : )

  2. I ran across a facebook profile 'fan page' that is almost nothing but pap pics. As a pro-live show photographer who has friends who are in the industry and well known, I find that offensive. Both Kristen and Rob are JUST PEOPLE for gawd's sake.. and I, personally, think they are entitled to have a little privacy.

    Rant over. Sorry. Just needed to get that out there. LOL. Even if I don't agree with her being stalked relentlessly, at least these pictures of Kristen show that she is HAPPY... even if too skinny. Haha. That is nice to see. Now, I hope they leave her alone. (yeah.. right.. like that will happen. LOL)


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