Friday, June 3, 2011

Just Like Bella!

As ES & I were on our way to LA a few weeks back, she told me that she'd had some weird cramping & pain in her foot recently. She mentioned feeling as though she needed to crack her big toe, but couldn't. I told her I get that occasional and we both shrugged it off as weird toe cramps.  Next thing you know she wakes up last Sunday with searing pain and a swollen foot.


It's a Bird!

It's a Plane!



I kid.

So off she goes to Urgent Care...on a Sunday...Memorial Day weekend Sunday mind you. Poor thing.  She couldn't even bear weight on it.  After hanging out at the clinic for good 4 hours, she goes home with a small foot booty & an appt with the Podiatrist. They did a test for Gout & also looked for broken bones...NADA.

Fast fwd a few days and I get a text telling me she's broken her sesamoids bone.  Apparently not everyone has a sesamoids bone, but go figure, she does. That's soooooo ES.

Oddly enough, she has no clue how she broke it. She used to do ballet, just like Bella! Ok that's an understatement.....she did ballet for well over 10 years.....Toe shoes are brutal on your feet, so I'm wondering if maybe the bone was weakened?! Who knows.

Anyhoo, now she has a broken foot & has to wear a boot and use crutches just like Bella!

Love you Sista'!



  1. Damn Sesamoid suck fest for summer how long on crutches?? poor bb..

  2. Poor S!!!! I feel her pain. I fractured my foot in a super awesome dumb way a few years ago. My friend was swing dancing at a wedding and stepped back with all of her weigh on her high heel RIGHT onto the top of my foot. OUCHIES! Also my foot has been swelling for around 10 years but no idea why. Doctors don't either. Clearly I need her doctor. Damn ballet! :)

    S and I could totally have a sausage fest. LOL. Remind me to show you my sausage next time I see you. Which will be summer. Which means it will be in full force (gets worse w/ heat)

    Get better lovebug!

  3. Awww... sending out positive vibes for a speedy recovery! xoxo

  4. Awwww :( sending out positive vibes for a speedy recovery!

  5. Ah yes, the sesamoids. A colleague of mine broke hers recently, very similar story. She was in a brace for about eight weeks.

    Bet you look sexy in the cast though, Sarah! x

  6. Quick,somebody call Edward so ES can stand on his feet and dance all night long!

  7. Ouch!!! Sarah, I hope you have a speedy and painless recovery! Prop your foot up, relax, and watch some movies. I can make a few good suggestions :) XO


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