Sunday, October 10, 2010

Anaheim Conv. & KStew on Leno


Happy Sunday! Yesterday, Twilove1_Sue & I went to the Official Twilight Convention in Anaheim, CA. Both of us were really looking forward to seeing Peter Facinelli & getting our photo-op with him. Turns out, he was too ill to get on a plane and had to cancel. *Sad Face* Thankgoodness I have met him before and seen him a couple of other times. The convention ended up replacing him with Tinsel Korey. I'd actually never seen her before, so I was looking forward to her afternoon visit.

Here are a few pics I took of her from my phone as she was walking up and down chatting with us. She was super sweet and gorgeous in person!

Since PFach had to cancel, those of us who had a photo-op with him were given the opportunity to choose a pic with someone else. Sue & I chose Charlie Bewely...well, because he's HAWT. We were also given an autographed photo of Caaaaarliiiiiisle :) I'll show you what else I bought in a later post!

Daniel Cudmore & Charlie Bewely!

*Photo's belong to Sue.

Us with CB. Sooo hawt. Smelled delish. Adorable ass.

Chaske Spencer was there too, however I didn't seem to get any good pics of him. He was super cool & down to earth. We also may or may not have taken a pic with the Hillywood Crew ;) And, I may or may not be Team Jacob....(from the Hillywood Crew)

Thank you again Sue. I had a blast!

On a completely different note...did you see Kristen Stewart on Jay Leno Thursday night? It was great to see her & she looked gorgeous as always...twitchy leg and all. She was there primarily to promote Welcome to the Rileys.

And if you're a Robsten fan like me, you know that they hung at the Thompson Hotel post Leno show. Pics can be found here.

Till next time!



  1. It appears that you had an amazing time even if Peter couldn't be there. Great pictures and great company too ;) Can't wait to see what you bought.

  2. Great pics and I'm glad you had a good time! I especially like the to of KStew at the end. Bummer that PFach couldn't make it, though.

  3. OOOOOOO Charlie B! I wouldn't be able to resist saying "Save some for me" if I met him. He looks delish.

  4. It was really great that you could get a pic with another person of your choice AND a PFach autograph since he couldn't be there in person... that was awesome of them :)

    Charlie B is lookin mighty fine!!

  5. CB looks and smirks like Trouble with a capital "T." DC looks adorable. whaddya buy, whaddya buy?


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