Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mrs.P calls it "Weekend Wonderment"....

....but since I'm NOT copying her, and it's NOT the weekend, I'm gonna call it:

"Some Pretty Sweet Vids I Found Today"

creative huh?

Here's a BTS fan vid of KStew from her recent visit to Regis and Kelly this week!

Gotta LOVE the Simpsons..preview for Halloween epi.

Lisa, plug your ears ;)

It's always fun to re-visit a HOT oldie but goodie!


Happy Birthday Catherine Hardwick. Without your creative genius, we might not have fallen in love with the first movie. And oh yeah, thanks for casting that know, ROBERT EFFING PATTINSON!!!!!!!!! We are forever indebted to you for that. Thanks to Kristen's for her insistent input as well!

Thank you!


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  1. can't wait for the simpsons! I really, really wish mr. notsmitten and my mother weren't lurking around so that I could drool over that motu vid!! mmmmmmmmmmmm fifty.

    cougar cathy definitely got some things just right, and casting Rob is top of that list. thanks cathy, happy belated.


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