Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jackson, Nikki & Kristen, OH MY! (Scream Awards!)

Rumors were flying high and low as to if Kristen would be at the Scream Awards tonight. Supposedly she's been in Louisiana the past couple days rehearsing for BD (can I get a squeeee?!?!) with Rob and Taylor. Anyhoo, she was there (sans Rob..sniff sniff) AND, it appears that she's back to Bella hair!

Bet she's holding on to that for dear life. Might take out a toe ;)

Cute KStew face HQ~

Woah! Hot Stew!


Align Center
Jackson! YUM!!!

: click to kiss the MOS ;)

Pics via:
Twicrackaddict & Robstenation

I have decided to add more pics as they come in, so stay tuned! I can't promise I wont throw in the occasional True Blood star *coughASKARScough* :)

The Scream Awards air on Tuesday night at 9pm PST. Check your local listings. If you're a Twilight or True Blood fan, you should definitely watch!

PS...MB tagged me! Go see.



  1. 1. That last pic of Stew...hawt dayum girl! Lookin' good! Glad the Bella hair is back!

    2. Nikki...beautiful as always!

    3. And Jackson??? I puffy heart him...that is all. :)

  2. OMG Jackson and his MOS just kills me! Kstew looked stunning in that dress...sigh. Thanks Jen :-)

  3. KStew's dress, very nice. I love interactive websites. I clicked on the MOS and after he told me he's got a special room booked for our rendevous after the next 100 Monkeys concert, he blew me a kiss. Thank you!

  4. Mmmm Jackson, thank you! Oh yeah- nice picture of KStew walking and Nikki is pretty as always)


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