Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tagged MB ;)

Lil' Miss Musing Bella tagged I shall play along, again...cause I'm a good sport like that!

Alrighty, here I go:

1) What was your favorite subject in school, and why?

Boys. JK...well kind of. I actually was the one that always had a steady boyfriend. Didn't stop me from crushing on other guys though :) Truthfully, English was always my favorite subject.

2) Do you have any daily rituals, and what are they?

It's rare that I go a day without a bath...unless we're having a random heat wave. It's such a stress reliever. My s/o and I have an agreement that one day when we have a kid or kids, I will still be allowed a bath a few times a week, with NO interruption...and he can golf once a week :)

3) Do you prefer beer, wine, or hard alcohol (or none of the above)?

I actually prefer the taste of beer the most...odd for a girl right? But I alternate between beer and wine. I normally only do hard alcohol if I'm going out...dirty martinis, vodka tonics etc...

4) What is the very first thing you would do if you won a million dollars?

Funny, I was just watching a show the other day on TLC about people who had won the lottery and how it changed their lives for the better and worse. Let's see...a million dollars? First thing, I'd invest some. Then I'd buy a new car & a new house...preferably in my parents neighborhood...Mission Hills where my Mom grew up and now where my parents currently live.

5) If you could live one fan fic story (as any character), what would it be?

Bella in MOTU...please?

I wouldn't want to be her forever, but I wouldn't mind it for a bit...

6) What is something you're looking forward to in the next six months?

Learning as much as possible at my new job. I'm sort of a control freak, and I'm feeling very out of control at the moment. I have only had one day, and start officially on Monday. I'm nervous & overwhelmed. It's been 10 years since I have really had to learn something new...I know it's a good thing, but it doesn't make it any less scary.

Oh, and something called MAUI...with my family!!!

This is where we're staying!

7) Have you ever slapped someone for real? And if so, why?

Yes. I was about 12 and this neighborhood bully/bitch did something to deserve it.
Srsly, I can't remember what she did, I think she tried to push me off my bike and so I jumped off and chased her down, grabbed her by her long stringy brown hair and yanked her back. When she turned to face me, I slapped her. Then I ran back to my bike and high tailed it home. H00r.

Side note: I was slapped in 4th grade for calling a bully a bitch behind her back. I almost pissed my pants.

8) What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Occasionally in my Grandma's neighborhood, where we always went trick or treating...we'd get full candy bars. It was pretty sweet. I'm not a huge fan of Halloween candy...but PB Cups have always been my favorite sweet treat.

Thanks MB! I already did a "tag yourself" free for all last no questions from me.



  1. Excuse me... Miss J! You are NOT ALLOWED to post such a racy photo of K Stew and R Patts. I almost had a heartattack!!! Meeeooooow! ;)

  2. I know it's not "real" buw wow. Once again, Robert Patts is turning my vagina into Forks... "the wettest place in the Continental Us!"


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