Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who Knew Rob Shopped At "Celestial Knits & Fabs."

Thank heavens the beard is gone! I know, some of you dig it, not me. I'm not too fond of getting a rash on my vag. To each her own, just sayin'. Anyhoo, here's Rob leaving a costume studio in Hollywood today, Oct 5th. As you can see, he's sportin' his signature LB hat & Raybans. Sweeeet.

How you doin'?

What's up with the boat-neck sweatshirt Rob? It looks a bit ill-fitted...like maybe it's for a dwarf, not a 6ft tall man gawd. Truthfully though, you could wear a toga and I'd clap like a trained seal. I'll just move along now...

Love those long lanky legs...yum.

Wait a minute...he didn't steal the sweatshirt from Walter

Hey there Walter!

...he got it here!

Found this online at a store called "Celestial Knits & Fabs"

Just messin' with ya Rob :)



  1. That LB hat is getting a little faded, huh? LOL! I NEED to know why he was in a costume store. Like REALLY BAD. I hope he is a pirate or something for Halloween.

  2. Hmmmm. Leaving a costume studio. I wonder what for? I'm so pleased with the shave. I love him anyway he comes, but I prefer him with less facial hair.


  3. OOOOOOhhhhh Halloween costume Rob... niiiiiice.

    @Tess- I love him anyway he comes too ;)


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