Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Breaking Dawn Dinner!

Cheers to Breaking Dawn!

via Twifans

The Breaking Dawn cast is filming for 7 months and last night kicked it off with a cast dinner at Fleming's Steakhouse in Baton Rouge. They didn't list Stephenie Meyer being in attendance but they did say producers.

Hollywood Life reports:

And our insider tells us that the cast (Taylor, Kristen, Rob, Bill Condon, producers, Nikki, Ashley, Kellan) got to the restaurant around 8:30 PM and stayed until 11 PM! The stars had a full five-course meal and ate everything from Prime NY Strip steak, crab cakes, soup, salad
and they even had “fresh redfish” flown in especially for the occasion!
They finished their meal with a choice between fresh berries,
cheesecake, and creme brulee.

The cast, we’re told, was “extremely nice” and everyone remained seated throughout the night, instead of getting up and walking around the joint. Our source tells us that they even asked for the “music to be
turned down” so they could hear themselves talking to each other!

Rob wore a vintage T-shirt with a shirt unbuttoned over it with slacks, and Kristen wore jeans. They were seated right next to director Condon, Ashley and Nikki, and spent most of the night talking to them.

WOHOO I want to see pics! Come on...I know SOMEONE scored at least 1 or 2.

*** On an another note, see what The Millionaire Matchmaker has to say about ROBSTEN...SQUEEEE!!! ;) GO HERE.



  1. This supposedly happened on Oct 20th...so if there were pics I'm sure they would have come out by now...:-(

  2. Hey Jen, Squee! I didn't actually think I would get too excited about the whole Breaking Dawn thing but I was WRONG...it is really exciting that they are all together for filming and can't wait to see all the pics that are going to come out. So I will raise a glass with you. :-)

  3. Awww! Our "vampires" are going to last. I'm actually pretty jealous of Robsten.. seriously. Even though they're not super PDA about their relationship , it's the way THE LOOK AT EACH OTHER. I'm pretty sure every other time I look at Jeff I look pissed. Not because I don't love him bit but I get so "stabby" when he speaks (jk). Aww.. makes me want to be with someone who just LOOKS at me that way... I truly, madly, deelpy hope they last...
    I want someone to look

  4. my goodness. Can I post a fing comment without messing it up?!!?!?!?

    ...at me that way!

  5. It's true, Demanda does look at Jeff like she wants to stab him with a plastic fork every once in a while.

    Seriously, don't people know that when they go anywhere in Baton Rouge they need to carry a camera 24/7?? Obviously we need to send an undercover Twitard there to capture everything first hand.

  6. You 2 are hilarious (DeManda & BP) I wish I could just drop everything and move to Baton Rouge...DAMNIT all to HELL!

    I get super stabby too...ESP when I'm PMS-ing. It's like he can't say anything right.

    Mrs P- Boo hiss, I want pics! ;)

    edwardsisobel- Cheers to BD!

    xo J

  7. Jen, we're planning on going to BR in January!! You should come!

    I feel borderline bad for Jeff sometimes because I'm Italian (strike one) and female (strike two) that poor kid does not have a chance! He knows better than to open his mouth around the 13th-15th of each month! HA!

  8. I am officially now a BD SPOILER WHORE! No TK-style chastity belt for me, no siree.

    Photos of that dinner would be amazing, but I fear Mrs P is right, if they were gonna surface, they would have by now :(

  9. I'm with you, I want pics!!!

    This is random, but I make weird connections to Rob related things. The company I work for had a big job down in Louisiana a year or so ago and they did a kick-off meeting/dinner at Fleming's!

    I want to go on a road trip so bad!!! Wish I had a Twihard close to go with me! It would only be about 9.5 hour drive from where I live to BR.

    Hope you're having a great week!♥



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