Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've Bit My Tongue Long Enough.



Ashley Greene & Joe dinner date in LA.

via twifans

I have bit my tongue long enough. I each her own...but really? JOE JONAS?!?

Take a good long look at yourself Ashley:

Smokin' HAWT.

Naturally beautiful.

Now with all due respect Ash, Joe Jonas looks like the love child of these two...

Just sayin'.


Adam Glambert..I mean Lambert.

MJ + AL =

This guy.

Am I the only one that sees this?!?

Ashley, I do want you to be if he wets your whistle [vag] then more power to you.



  1. I could not agree more! This is ....... weird.

  2. LOL!! I don't think Joe is that bad... but I also think Ashley has no game in real life too *runs and hides* Come on! She let Chace "Stoner" Crawford make out with her and dump her. :) I will say, she is very beautiful.

  3. Thank you! LOL!! Did she learn nothing from Taylor Swift? Let's make a list of guys we'd rather see her date and see if she gets the hint!

  4. Okay yes, I don't see the appeal of Joe Jonas. At all. I totally agree. She is wayyy to pretty for him.

    BUT there is just something about Nick Jonas that makes me want to statutorily rape him.

    I mean seriously, is he not adorable! more year, little Nick, one more year....

  5. I seriously PML at this post. You hit the nail on the shaggy haired head with the love child equation. I also want to know what the hell little miss AG is thinking with this! I really think het and Mr. MOS himself woud be a really cute couple in RL! Anyone else agree?

  6. I think the Jonas bros all share one testicle... Just sayin' :\

  7. don't get it. i feel like she is older and maybe a little bigger than he is. they don't fit. and they are way too out and about.
    she's gorgeous but i don't think she's the sharpest knife in the drawer or the most, ahem, virtuous girl. which is fine, if i was 24 again i would be walking around naked bangin the jonas bros too. js.


    I have been THINKING this for weeks now and feared being heckled for saying it out. He is such a manwhore. Who HASN'T he dated at this point?? Didn't he break up with Taylor Swift via text? He's just not that cute....

    She could do a zillion times better. She is the only reason I can get my hubs to watch twilight films at all. (He told me if she could get naked for like 10 seconds Summit would make twice as much cause every guy in America would go to see it. lol. He keeps asking me why they can't just add in an Alice sex scene to BD - cause apparently that's the only way I'll be able to drag him to see it)...

    I like the suggestion of making up the list for her... she needs us to guide her apparently!

  9. Ok -- and seriously -- I just scrolled up while typing and realized that in the last pic you have -- I swear he has the same hairdo she had in Eclipse... maybe she's dating him in order to get product advice for a pixie-do?? Cause I swear he's working a pixie haircut in that pic... Eww.

  10. LWE- Great minds think alike :)

    TT- I can think of quite a few already!

    HG- You don't have to run and hide ;) I can see your point! I'm MULTI-FACETED in my open mindedness....well, except for the Nonstens. She doesn't sound like the smartest crayon in the box during interviews.

    Charla- Ewwww! lol...not making fun of you, I swear, but I just don't see it. I'd do Taylor Lautner over Nick any day...Did I just say that?!? lmao xo

    lapphips- LMAO!!!!

    Twi-hearted- I couldn't agree more. would be arm candy for the two of them, but I do think Jackson is more educationally inclined.

    Robzsinger- I hear ya.

    twopeas1pod- Totally!

  11. Yeah, I don't get it either. They don't look right together. At. All.

    Adam Lambert + Michael Jackson - Bahahahaha!!

    She could totes do better. I might be a bitch for saying it, but we all know it's true. I agree, she and Jackson would make a ridiculously cute couple!

  12. LMAO at your post, Jen! Especially MJ thrown in there, had me falling out of my chair. My guess is that Joe Jonas is not wearing his purity ring/chastity belt/whatever and she is teaching him all kinds of new tricks. Ashley is just toying with him, and when she's done chewing him up she'll spit him out and move on to better things. Besides, he's better suited for Justin Bieber.

  13. Oh thank gawd I am not the only one who wants to throw up in my mouth when I see them together! Come on Ash, you are smokin! Don't go selling yourself short on a JoBro! If you're looking for a date I know a mighty fine single costar of yours *cough* Jackson *cough* Just sayin' ;)

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