Saturday, October 30, 2010

Robward At Work, Twi-Not?

My new boss isn't a die hard Twi fan, but she likes it. In fact, that's how we bonded in my interview...over Twilight and True Blood. She mentioned having had an Edward poster on the back of her door that one of her old employees put up for her. After they painted the office, the poster went missing. Yesterday she (my boss) comes round the corner and says "look what I found!" It was in fact, THE EDWARD POSTER. I was starting to think it didn't exist.

Of course, she put it up on the back of her door again...selfish. JK.

I'll see it every time I go to the supply closet :)

Something tells me our little 3 person office is going to become rather Twilighty now that I'm around...

Exhibit A.

My work lap top :)

Exhibit B.

Thanks to Mrs. P. That pink dot is the day Rob and I have a date...
It's not Thanksgiving. Nope...*whistles, looks around*

Exhibit C.

STE watches over me as I work. So comforting. Plus, it's a constant reminder of Lisa :)

Trust, this is only the beginning. My new boss said we'll have to do more decorating now that the office is so bare post paint job. I don't know what it looked like before, but if I have any say, some of my Rob porn posters will be gracing the walls next to my desk. Sweet.

Moving on, it's almost Halloween! A lot of people are dressing up today & heading out to parties and such. Elusive S and I will be going out tonight. Our favorite local dive bar is having a Halloween party and costume contest. I haven't been out for Halloween in ages and am really looking forward to it.

Be Safe!

Are you dressing up? If you're brave enough, take a picture and send it to I'll include it in a future post!

Do you have Rob stuff at work? If so, tell me in the comments.



  1. YEA! I work with 4 guys who are not so Twilight friendly so I have to hide it. I did tell them that my Swagga E will be coming to work with me a few times a month.

    LOVE the Edward poster. I have a mini one that came in a DVD I bought but I cannot find it!

    I will email you some pictures of my costume! I hope my ass can fit in the shot! Have fun tonight Jen! =)

  2. My boss said my office was "cluttered" and that's why I can't keep up and get all my work done. Yeah, right. I'm the most productive person in our whole building.

    My office used to be my happy place, but since he made me take out my two full size Edward stand ups and take down three of my oversize Rob calendars, it's just sad. (Actually, I've snuck two calendars back up, so now I have three to drool over.)

    Pocket Bella is still standing in the corner in her uncomfortable "inspection" pose - where she has been since before Foooooorks. (She is being punished.)

    I've thought about loading up my digital picture frame with Rob pix, but I'd have to stop reading fanfiction long enough to pick out some shots and I just can't seem to find the will to do that. (I'd have a really hard time choosing from all the glory on my smutty hard drive!)

    Wish I had an understand female boss like you!

  3. I have a Robert Pattinson calendar, a couple of small pics from IWRTWMN diet plus a signed pic of Alex Meraz & Kellan pic. My computer background varies between Rob, Kellan & Jackson. Of course Pocket Edward helps out too.

  4. My boss is a total twitard like me and actually came to my New Moon party but since I teach 2nd grade now Robp0rn not so appropriate. I do have a few little pics on the cork board behind my desk and a Cullen crest on my computer wallpaper. Fran needs to share her classroom with you cuz it's a Twitards dream! I will be portraying a Twilight character and reading from Eclipse for my schools family reading night in a few weeks.... I was a big hit last year =)

  5. Sounds like you got yourself into a great little office! Yeah, I have each movie Edward printed and up on my corkboard, along with a few newspaper articles where my pal replaced KStews name and picture with mine (my boss thinks thats creepy, but whatev, its funny). My desktop is a slideshow of fuckhawt Rob pictures. Plus I have a NM calendar, 2011 Rob calendar, and on the back my cabinet door is the bk Eclipse poster and back of my office door is the Edward Eclipse poster. I still have lots of room for a FSE... just sayin'.

  6. Fran here, yeah UtterlyAbsurd sent me. Where do I begin? I teach 4th grade, I "decorated" the teacher's "Ladies Twi-let Room" where life sized NM Edward lives, surrounded by posters and pics wallpapering the room. We teachers need a soft place to retreat to for short moments away from the kids and all, nice to be surrounded by pics that ooze HIS hotness, helps us get to a happy place and return to the kids refreshed...
    Then there's my classroom; desk littered with NM,Eclipse tumblers, a pic of me and Edward framed, twilight bookmarks, stickers...... The kids know of my obsession and bring me in pics and treasures, too many to tell about, but we've put the pics up as "A Twilight Bullentin-board" Not to worry, it's all G rated in the classroom.
    Since it was Halloween week, I read them a read aloud book titled "My Teacher is a Vampire" We loved that one!
    On parent night, I said this: "Ok, your children will go home and tell you that I am a little obsessed with Twilight, don't believe them, I'm GREATLY obsessed..." this was received with loud laughter and so I knew my parents were cool with it. I explained how I use Twilight to motivate the kids and it really works! You should see the Halloween poems we wrote about cute and really quiet good! I could share more but you get it, nuff said. Wish I could send you my pics to show you, you'd all lol...
    Hope you enjoyed my rant!

  7. I can't wait to see a picture of your office 6 months from now!!

  8. Loved hearing all of your stories!

    TT- I KNOW! I'll have to do a 6mos re-cap!

  9. I have a New Moon Edward poster & lots of Rob pics scattered about my cubicle, & of course my ever-changing Rob/Edward wallpaper on my pc.
    Mrs P posted pics of my work space on Twibite. :)

    xo T xo


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