Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dean, I Have Missed You!

I have heard some people saying that they're not that excited about BD. Ok, granted it isn't going to come out for like.....FOREVER, but I'm still excited for all the hype that surrounds set pics. Just so you know, I plan on reviving my skanky ways and will be a dirrrrty h00r when it comes to spoilers. I am proud to say my vag was gaping wide during the filming of Eclipse....and it stayed that way for all the "stuff" that surfaced thereafter [google dirrrty h00r, a pic of LKWwill surface] I kid. *muah* ;)

He spelled h00r wrong.

As for set pics...the following aren't spoilers. Just pics of the crew arriving on set in Louisiana. FML I am going to need to learn how to spell LOUISIANA without spell check! Anyhoo, here's Rob & Kristen arriving on set for rehearsals Oct. 15th.

Helllooooo Mr. Precious. Lookin' good.
DEAN!!! Oh, how I have missed you!

Awww KStew, the animal lover.
Don't hide Dean, I see your yellow livestrong bracelet ;)

Kstews bodyguard(?) is there too!
I have missed him as well...what's his name?


YUP, Taylor was there too...
socializing with his kind. JK.

All pics via Robsessed.

PS Did ya miss my SCREAM AWARDS POST? GO HERE if ya did!

Until next time ( or I can come up with something poignant to blog about)



  1. I'm just as excited as ever for BD to come out. I usually play "just the tip" with spoilers, once I saw too much of the break up scene for New Moon and was scarred. SUPER excited for all the new Rob pics, though!

  2. Ima spoiler h00r. I want it all!! Gimme, gimme, gimme.

    LMAO@ "YUP, Taylor was there too...socializing with his kind."

  3. In that first pic - Rob: "Hey, Kristen, while you're down there..."

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for BD!! It's my favorite!!

  4. Okay the Taylor line almost made me choke on my water. LOL!!!! Good one. And Rob and Kristen look relaxed and happy in these photos. Can't wait for filming to start and I am a bring on the set pic person. Spoil me all day, everyday!


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