Monday, October 25, 2010

Make My Morning Brighter!

Dear Starbucks,

Ok, not you barefoot dreadlock dude...

Your cups are great. I especially LOVE the Holiday it marketing genius, but the second you switch to those pretty red cups, I'm finding every excuse in the book to mosey on by.
However, I have a suggestion for about using these:

Oh yeah!


Seriously Starbucks, if you served my non-fat no-whip mocha in these, I'd be forever grateful. What? Gratefulness isn't enough? Ok, how about all the Twitards coming out of the woodwork. Twitards that don't even drink coffee would be flocking to the nearest Starbucks. TRUST.

You're welcome.



  1. What?? Are those real? If they are then point me in their direction...

  2. @Mrs. P- I stole the pic from Twicrack..apparently some overseas venue was offering up these babies during Eclipse promotions ;)

  3. Awh DAMMIT! I always miss the good stuff! Maybe @red-bella can make us one?! ;) Could you imagine the lid to this coffee cup being his lips. Every time you go to take a sip... POOF, you're making out with Robert... nom nom nom

    Jen - I hear you. Once those damn red cups come out, I have to fight myself to not go in everyday! Is there a Starbucks new your NEW AWESOME JOB?!

  4. @Demanda- YES in fact there are is one starbuck a 1/2 a block away, and another a block away ;) Peeeeerfect ;)

    xo J

  5. Uh oh!!! I'd be BROKE the months of Nov-Jan if I worked so close to a Starbucks! Mmmmm Pepperment Latte.... ahhhh

  6. LoL I saw this over at TwiCrack!! I love them! And my God, you are so right--if they were to switch to these cups, even during a promotion, there would be a constant line. If they put Rob's face on the lid, that would be even better! Like you're sucking the coffee out of his mouth. MMMMm.....


  7. Um yeah, that would be enough to make me pay their prices. A no sugar, non-fat caramel macchiato in an Edward cup? Mmmmmmmmmmm. I don't think real life gets much better than that!

  8. It would make my Skinny Latte EVEN creamier...wait...ewwww, nevermind, thoughts in the gutter, here. Doesn't take much these days!

  9. That would get me to Starbucks after they stop serving the pumpkin spice latte. Once that drink is off the menu I don't go back til the following year, but giving away those cups I'd be there everyday!

  10. The local Starbucks actually played the Eclipse sound track for a while- now why wouldn't they go ahead and make Twitardia's holiday season with a line of EC cups?

    Great idea Jen!

  11. I might even take up drinking coffee if they served it one of those!

  12. LOL, I agree, but it would probably break my bank balance especially if they took up @Charla's idea and had Robs face on the lid and you sipped the coffee through his lips....sigh!

  13. Is that cup for real?!?! You know I need it if it is...give me details! :)



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