Monday, October 4, 2010

A Sh*tload of Fooorks Pics & A Few Words :)

It's rare that I'm at a loss for words, but honestly I wasn't quite sure how to capture this amazing trip in one short post. I thought about re-capping every minor detail, but truthfully I believe pictures alone do some of the best story telling. In fact, isn't there some old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words?

In total, I took about 100 pictures of this epic adventure. I'm going to include some, not all of course, as I'm sure you'll see tons of picture circulating the blogs this week. Plus the Twitarded gals brought [dragged] a professional videographer & photographer with them (thank you to Gus and Paul!) Those pics & vids are going to be interesting, to say the least! There may or may not be a wedgie pick pic out there. I digress...

On to the pics, and more random thoughts at the end :)

About 45 minutes outside of Fooorks is Crescent Lake. It's stunning. That is all.

Thankf*ck I made it in time for the 3pm short-bus tour.
I stole this pic from Twitarded.

Bad Boys, watcha want? watcha want?

Mama Cougar, 17foreverlisa, Twilove1_Sue, ME, Cullenary Curser & Mrs. P all trying to get our sh*t together.

STY, JJ & LKW...our leading ladies...errr, dirrrrty h00rs.

w/ Twilove1_Sue

Cullenary Curser & I telling Team Jacob what we really think.

With JJ & Mrs. P at Rialto Beach. Go figure it was sunny.

This is where they fed us delicious shakes.

Can't f*cking believe we're here. FOOOOOOOOOOORKS!

The sign that greeted us on night 1. Almost made me cry. Gawd I'm a sap.

With my bloggy bestie 17foreverlisa!
Miss you dearly!

With my other bloggy bestie Mrs. P...rockin' our boots!
Miss you dearly!

Rialto Beach day sun! :)

Near the entrance of the Hoh rain forest.

SAY IT, OUT LOUD: "Ho's in the Hoh."

The pics just don't do it justice. At all.

I'll let you figure this one out ;)

I have no idea how Robsten kept a straight face while filming this. No clue.


With VitaminR70. Love this girl.

Gus filming the shenanigans of our last night.

LKW FINALLY got her big girl panties (from Red_bella) PMSL!

With TC aka @cupcakegirl76. She is AMAZING!

LKW & I rockin' out, now I can't remember what we sang. FML.
Someone forgot to tell me to suck in my stomach..geez!

VitaminR70 was gracious enough to let me "borrow" THE HAT ;)

With the h00rs that made this happen. STY, Myg, JJ, LKW & VitaminR70.
I love you girls...hardcore.

Had to ass this one (yup, I accidentally typed ass instead of add...I'll leave it.)
My fave of Mrs. P & I!

How about a HAPPY ENDING?
xoxo LKW!

I hope you enjoyed the pics, but truthfully they don't even begin to describe just how effing epic this trip was. A lot of us compared arriving to Forks on Thursday like arriving at summer samp. Though I never went to summer camp (thank gawd) I can see how they used that analogy. However, I think it was even better than that. Finally putting names with faces in person was incredible. I can truthfully say that everyone was amazing, and I loved each and everyone of you for your own individual personalities. I can only hope you all liked me as well. I only wish we'd had more time. There were so many of you I only had a chance to say a few words to :(

JJ, STY & LKW, thank you. Thank you for proposing this idea so long ago, and thank you for making this trip an adventure of a lifetime. The trip became so much more than was a chance to seal friendships that were originally created in this crazy ass blogosphere. I'm so thankful I was able to meet you in person. You made each and everyone of us feel important and appreciated and for f*cks sake, I feel like I'm going to cry again. I will NEVER EVER forget FOOOOOOOOOORKS!

Extra big hugs and smooches to my twitter bloggy besties 17foreverlisa, Mrs. P, Sue, TC, HG & CC...thx for letting me tag along with you in the van!

What do you say we do FOOOOOORKS 2011?!? Maaaybe, just maybe Rob will come this time? :)

P.S. Did anyone else take a pic of me giving LKW a driftwood blow job? Anyone?!

P.S.S Lisa & I went to Escala...and my big mouth got us in the door and up to the penthouse. Post coming soon!



  1. Awesome post Jen - I'm thinking there's enough material circulating about this fuckery to keep me entertained (**coughembarassedcough***) for many months.

    Later h00rbag!


  2. I have a picture of you giving LKW a blow job. :) I'll e-mail it to you.

  3. @MB- THANK YOU!!!!!!!

    @MC- xoxo h00rbag!

  4. Thank honey! It was so great to meet you. You are the sweetest....really.

    While I cringe at photos of myself I am proud to say there are no photos of me giving anyone a least I think there aren't....hmmm...shit.

    It was EPIC. True fact. xoxoxoxo

  5. Happy to help, girl! I love your pics!! I took like 450, so it will take longer to sort through and find the good ones. I'm thinking 3-4 parts.

    So great to meet you in person and everyone else!! What fun!!

  6. I love your pics, truly, it is only a taste of what this trip meant for all of us. I’m so happy I decided to go and so happy to have met you in RL.

  7. Awwww.... this just makes me wanna cry!!! I had SO much fun with all of you and will never ever forget our adventure :) Jen, this was a great post and I love you big time!!! I think it's going to be weeks before everything sets in. I still can't believe we were in freakin' FOOORRRRRRKKSSS!!!!!!!

  8. The pics are fantastic. They definitely tell a fun story!! I think it's so cool that you got to meet so many Twihards/bloggers all at the same time AND experience Forks! I'm way jealous.

    Thanks for sharing your pics!!


  9. AMAZING photos and an amazing trip. I am adding these to my collection and getting my own copies. It was awesome...

  10. Awesome pics Jen!!! If there is a Forks 2011 trip I will be all over that :)

    I can't believe you and Lisa got into Escala... I was flipping out when I saw your tweet. It's just too bad Fifty wasn't home.

  11. Thanks for making me cry asshat! Love you lots was so great to finally get to hang out.


    i love you hard, girl. for reals.


  13. HAHAHA just saw LKW saying the same fucking thing - i am going to be this puffy-faced and red eyed forever!!! totes worth it...


  14. I just gotta say... I've been to Forks earlier this year (in June) and it was beautiful and I had a great time but I would have loved to come with you ladies. Looks like you had a blast! If this happens again, you can bet I am on that flight! Glad you ladies had so much fun!

  15. STY, LKW, Mrs. P, Sue, HG, MB & VitaminR70: Love you all....dearly. Christ, why can't I stop getting emotional. FML.

  16. OMG these pics are priceless!!! love it, they actually made me teary eyed (even the driftwood blow job one!)

  17. Wow Jen. I'm thoroughly impressed you already posted. Christ my photos are still on my camera and work today was crazy!!
    Thank you for sharing and you are amazing as well my dear. I can't believe they kept a straight face doing the meadow either - it must have taken many many takes.
    Love your twitour and Hoh pics too.

  18. Wow you guys rocked Forks! Yes to 2011 - off to buy my lottery ticket now!

  19. Jen - it was SUCH a joy to meet and hang with you in Forks!!! I love your energy and sweetness! Great post!

    Love you hard!!! xoxoxo

  20. Jen - Great Pics! I agree it was like summer camp! It was great meeting you!

  21. Wow. Thank you Jen for these photos. They're more than awesome. That Rialto beach is seriously beautiful. And, I believe you that pics don't do justice to Hoh.

    I can't wait to see the Escala photos and read all about it.


  22. Lovely post! I got teary too, and I wasn't even there!

    PLEASE can we go to Forks in 2011?? I really really wanna come and will start saving ASAP!(seriously. I will)

    LOL at the pics in the Hoh... how appropriate.

    I SO can't wait to see some video footage of the carnage.

  23. TC- I miss you :( BUT I have a good feeling I'll see you again. In fact I know I will.

    edwardsisobel- Missed you!

    StarlitViolets- It was amazing meeting you as well. You have such a fun personality. xo

    TwiLin- So great to meet you. Wish we all would have had more time..

    xo J

  24. I am so glad I went. Can't believe it was just yesterday....

  25. Great post, Jen! I love the Robsten in the Meadow pic. How in the world did you get Twilove1 Sue to agree to that??!

  26. ZanyMouse - We were laying there in the very wet grass in the rain forest and I couldn't gaze into Jen's eyes cause she kept making me laugh. Jen, I forgot what you kept whispering to me... what was it? Damn, I'm getting old.

  27. Ahmazing pictures Jen, looks like you all had a fuckawesome time in FOOOORKS! The 'happy ending' picture is one of my favorites :-O

  28. Hot damn, woman. You have some AMAZING pics. I may have to steal some, just sayin'.

    I still can't believe we did this. It was such an amazing experience.

    Love you bitches!!

  29. Great pics. I didn't know you did the New Moon scene in the rain forest.

    What I loved was walking out of the rain forest and hearing your voice on the other trail. Soooo funny. I was like "hey that's TwiredJen." LOL!!

    It was wonderful to meet you finally. Next time we will spend more time together :)

  30. Jen, I don't think I even need to do any posts on my blog about the trip. I can just link to yours. There's not much more I can add. Damn we had fun, didn't we???!!!




  32. Lisa- Love you...hardcore. And link away! Though I'm sure if you post you'll put your own spin on things.

    Miss you...a ton.

    PS ;) Blk/Wht was JUST FOR YOU.

    xo J

  33. Oh whatta weekend - I was only in Forks the one night but it was enough ha ha wow! great times xoxoxoxoxox

  34. Next time I'm in SoCal, we're definitely hanging out!

  35. @Mox- Am I cool enough now to hang out with? LMAO jk! Missed you big time. And I hope you do come to San Diego, I know we'd have fun together!

    xo J


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