Friday, October 8, 2010

Dear Lisa,

Dear Lisa,

Hi it's me, PE, or as TwiredJen so affectionately calls me...."
STE" (small town Ed.) Apparently she thinks anyone that's not from San Diego is "small town." *rolls eyes* eh, I'll roll with it if it makes her happy...besides, she's not so bad. In fact, she encouraged me to write this letter to let you know I'm thriving. Her word, not mine. Apparently she thinks of me like a plant. Geeesh. She's got good intentions. Anyways, here I am hanging out on top of her massive bookshelf. This is just a quarter of all the Twi-shi....stuff she has. I have also included a few more pics for your enjoyment...

"I'm on top of the world..uh..bookshelf!"

"Why the eff is this cat sparkling? It's not even sunny? WTF?!"

"Yah, she bought a coaster in Forks and made me pose on it *eye roll*"

"I told her it's all about me...then she tried to cockblock my pic, so I slapped her."

(She's fine, she needs to be put in her place now and again.)

"Oddly enough, TwiredJen does have SOME baseball stuff. This dude did not want to let go of that bat...maybe telling him I can hit at 150mph wasn't a great ice breaker."

"Jen sure loves her wine...I was trying to be helpful...I think this is where she started to trust me ;)"

So as you can see, I'm adjusting nicely. Apparently tomorrow we're headed to Anaheim, CA to go to some Twilight Convention. TwiredJen is all giddy about seeing Caaaaaarliiiiiisle know, PFach?!

I miss you Lisa, but I think I'm going to dig it out here on the West Coast. TwiredJen promises a be*ch visit soon. Don't worry, there wont be any wh*les.

Be Safe.


On another note...guess what I'm watching tonight?! LENO...with KSTEW!!! Unlike some h00rs, I'm saving myself. Ok wait, I might sneak a peak if I feel too tired to stay up. Fine...I probably will. Haven't seen the pics, or the short vids of lovely Kristen on the Tonight Show? GO HERE.

Oh, and some really effing hot GQ outtakes may or may not have surfaced today. Haven't seen them?


Go HERE to see the rest. Not responsible for heart malfunctions!



  1. Gah!! I just took a peek at my iPod Touch and saw that I had a letter from Pocket Edward...aka Small Town Ed ;)

    @PE - It's so good to hear from you. I knew that when I sent you home with Jen...aka Your Mom...that you would be in good hands. Please make sure she understands that any pictures of you with wh*les is unacceptable and that I will have to fly out there to get you. Be safe!

    @Jen - LOL! Too cute. I love the picture of you two together. I will add it to my collection. I miss you BIG time.



  2. STE should ask PFach why he has that weird accent in Eclipse.

  3. @ Lisa - you do realize you just made Jen have to post a wh*le picture - so that you will get on a plane and visit her - silly lady LOL!!!

    Great post Jen - very clever.

    *waves to STE*

  4. STE! How dare you slap your human!!! You're lucky she isn't making you sleep in the coffee pot for that. Go say you're sorry.

  5. Lisa- I miss you too, more than you know.

    DD- Not a bad idea...hmmm...*wheels are turning*

    Mox- "Hey Peter, why can't you just say "ARMY"...not "Ahhhhhhhmy?"

  6. Thanks Mrs. P- Sometimes I need you around to stick up for me! ;) xoxo

  7. Awww, I just love mini Edwards. But you already knew that. Love this post.

  8. Aww shucks. You guys are all so cute. I REALLY need a PE. Will need to see if I can order one online... watch this space.

  9. I really like that cat. But I love Edward's hoodie. :D

    Great job Lisa. :D

  10. Too cute!!!! PE's shirt is amazing! Do they have a little Pocket Edward shop in Forks that makes tiny Pocket Edward shirts? I LOVE it!!!!!
    Enjoy him!

  11. Aww a pocket E! cute shirt! He could so totally take that baseball guy! How nice of you Lisa!

    Oh man you are seeing "CARRRRRRRRRRRR-LYLE!" Again? So very lucky! Enjoy!

  12. LOL - this is too funny! How sweet of PE to send Lisa a letter. Enjoy your trip to the beach, PE!! (It's rainy and gray here - guess this would have been a more Twilighty weekend for us all to be in Forks - oh well!)


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