Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Convinced My Cat Is A Vampire. Installment #2

Way back in early January I wrote a post called "I'm Convinced My Cat Is A Vampire." If you never saw it, you can read here. Anyhoo, I haven't wavered in my assumption. Just sayin'.

Every month, for about 4 days, my cat is obsessed with nothing more than breaking into either one of our bathrooms and eating my used "sanitary supplies." Ok I admit, he prefers the wrappers, however I think that's only because the real enchilada is buried towards the bottom of the trash can wrapped in about 5 layers of TP...much to my cats dismay.

About 30 minutes ago I was in our spare bathroom takin' a pee and Jake [my cat] comes running in and stares at me. It's totally normal for him to follow either myself or my s/o into the bathroom. However this time, he just licked his chops. Seriously!? And, he gets more aggressive towards me when I'm on my period. It's like his senses are heightened and he's ready to go in for the kill.

Did you just call me a Vampire?!
(yup, that's my cat...and he was named Jake way before Twilight)

Eh, it's ok Jake. It might be the closest to a real life Edward I'll ever get. Speaking of, have you ever seen the youtube parody vid called "Twilight Cycles?" If not, go here. Whomever owns the vid has a block on the embedded code...douchbag. Anyhoo, it's pretty f*cking hysterical.

Off to put myself in a Pamprin coma...and hide from Jake ;)



  1. It's funny you have a Vampire Kitteh named Jake. I think all animals that were once wild but are now commonly domesticated still carry the blood thirsty gene in them somewhere.

    My old dog used to be the same way.

  2. OK, you calling your used sanitary supplies wrapped in TP "enchiladas" is downright nasty, even though I know you meant it as a figure of speech, LOL! Now I don't want Mexican food for awhile...
    LMAO, though, because Charlie (MY cat) does the same thing, although not as bad from the sound of it. He looks just like the kitty in the middle of the vampire kitties circle!

  3. Yeah, my old dog would fish 'em out and eat them. But only when he was pissed at me for being left at home too long.

  4. Just want to clarify--NOT the black dog you see here!! Wanted to make sure he was not defamed. He was a great dog, extremely good manners!

  5. Okay Jen. that's just a bit creepy. it's weird when my sister in law's dog sniffs me during my period but if he growled and then licked his lips and took the prowling stance I might run. Good thing your cat isn't mountain lion sized.


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