Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bees In My PJ Bottoms & Kisses From Rob.

I had a Rob dream last night! It started out pretty random sans Rob, and I can't remember a ton of the details. All I know is the first part of the dream was really scenic, views of the ocean & sand, then randomly I'm in a grassy courtyard, similar to a college campus or event venue. I'm wearing pajama bottoms. The courtyard looks as though it has some sort of Hollywood style party going on. Lots of people milling around talking and drinking. Suddenly I feel a buzzing sensation on my leg and realize that a bee is stuck to the fabric of my pj's. I try kicking the bee off, but it wont budge. In a panic, I strip off my pj bottoms and flail them around in hopes of releasing the bee, but the little sucker hangs on for dear life. Apparently I was pant-less, but didn't seem to notice.

Gettin' to the good stuff...

In the next part of the dream I'm back in the courtyard and see my pj bottoms lying on the pavement next to the grass, bee-free. However there is a gathering of dead bees off to the side. I don't remember if I picked them (the pj's pants) up or not...Next thing I know I'm lining up to go into this building off of the courtyard. I see a Kellan Lutz/Xavier Samuel hybrid. He is absolutely adorable and gives me a big bear hug when I get to the front of the line, as if he recognizes me. At this point in the dream I'm realizing that I'm going to the Eclipse after party, so I start to get giddy. As I make my way inside one of the halls, I see Kristen standing off to the side with Tom Sturridge, (RPattz best buddy.) Somehow I strike up a conversation with her and though she seems friendly, she is also guarded. At this point I'm not sure if I'm supposed to know her or if she knows me, but we end up chatting casually and waiting around... It appears as though she is waiting for Rob, based on a few hints she drops. Can't remember what they were now. In my head I'm thinking this means I get to see RPattz, cause he's bound to come looking for Kristen. While talking to her I notice a crowed gather in a side room and realize that Rob has arrived. KStew, TomStu & I are all sitting on top of this high banquet style table waiting for him to escape over to us. All of a sudden the dream switches gears (you know how in dreams everything can change instantaneously?) and I jump off of the bench and am trying desperately to make eye contact with Rob so he knows I'm there. Immediately he notices me through the crowed & gives me this killer smile. You know the one...

He may or may not have been wearing his beanie too. Dreams are weird like that right? Anyway, I blush as he looks my way and all of a sudden realize that he's happy to see me. It dawns on me that Kristen is with Tom & I'm sort of with Rob. I start to feel kind of nervous and bend down to get something out of my bag to distract myself. All of a sudden, Rob is hovering over me. He's wearing jeans, a long sleeved red-ish flannel shirt & carrying a brown leather messenger bag. As he leans over me I whisper, "Congratulations on Eclipse." Rather than saying thank you, he responds by leaning over me & gently pressing his soft luscious lips against mine. It's a very rushed & sexy kiss. No tongue, but SO SEXY.

He leaned in like if he was going to whisper
something in my ear.

Right as his lips pull away from mine, my alarm goes off. FML! Ok, I guess I can't complain too much. The alarm could have gone off before the kiss. Anyways, I have always wanted a dream where I get to kiss Rob...and I finally got one! Swoon.

Thank you DREAM GAWDS, thank you.

I know Mrs. P is the dream analysis expert in this town, so if you'd like Mrs P, analyze away!

I tend to think a lot of my day was factored into that dream. Here are some random things that may or may not have contributed to parts of it.

1. Yesterday afternoon I saw an IMAX film about big surf in Tahiti...hence the scenic beginning of my dream.

2. Before bed I was looking at pictures from the Eclipse after party...

3. Last night I was watching a video of Kristen leaving The Troubador in LA with Tom Stu & his girlfriend.

4. I have been re-reading MOTU, thus Rob's messenger bag.

5. Two days ago while at lunch with my Mom & my Grandma, a pesky bee kept trying to steal a drink of my Stella.

6. Right before bed my s/o gave me an unusually sweet and lingering kiss. Pretty much just like the one in my dream. Well...except my s/o isn't Rob ;)

Now that you probably think I'm nuts, enjoy your Sunday! If you missed my Thirst Quenching Rob pic spam post last night, go HERE. The pictures don't disappoint (new pics of Rob too!)



  1. What a great dream! A soft sensous kiss from Rob. sigh. I never remember my dreams, occasionally straight after I might get a glimmer but then its gone. My kids tell me I talk in my sleep and I have said Edward apparently... damn I wish I could remember it. I like that you didn't just ditch KStew in your dream, you made sure she was being taken care of by Tom first....very considerate of your dream self.

  2. edwardsisobel- :) I was sooooo furious with my alarm clock! Like I said, it could have been much worse and gone off before the kiss, but man I would have killed to see where the dream was going after that.

    Have you ever considered telling yourself that you'll remember your dreams right before you fall asleep? I love dreaming and often have lucid dreams...where I know I'm dreaming. It's fascinating.

    Have a great day!

    xo J

  3. Hello!!! Your dream is DEFINITELY more about the TomStu video than anything. The bees are symbolic of something HORRIFIC, and when bugs show up you have to analyze the scene you are in. So, you are meeting them and then you realize that K is with Tom, that's what is HORRIFIC to you. There's a few more symbols here, but mostly it's about learning about yourself, fear of repeating mistakes, and the horror of TomStew. You made yourself feel better in the end my having Rob go for you, so then you didn't feel so bad. Your brain made it all better in the end!

  4. Thanks Mrs. P! LMAO, the thought of Rob with someone other than KStew is horrible..however if it's me it's ok. The exception to my rule:)

    Thanks for giving me the low down!

    xo J

  5. Hey Jen, I actually have a lot of bad dreams so I'm kind of glad that I don't remember them. My ex hubby told me he thought I was probably in the French Underground during the war in a previous life because apparently I have spoken french a few times in my sleep and talked of plots and people pursuing me. When I was much younger and on a boat up on the Whitsunday Islands with a group of friends, apparently in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere I sat up in my bunk and screamed my lungs out with my eyes wide open, stopped suddenly, closed my eyes and went back to sleep. I was not very popular in the morning at breakfast!!!!!

    I will just have to daydream about Rob! Oh, shucks I already do way too much of that.


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