Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nom, nom, nom! jaccckkkssSON!

Hi bloggy world! Have you missed me? If not, you will after you see what I've been holding out on you. ;)

Photos from House of Blues-100 Monkeys! JACKsssson! They aren't the best, and they don't include photos of them with Jen or I but.... it's still pictures of Jackson, in person, candid :D
We'll start off on the light side so we can lessen the chance of a
Jackson-induced heart attack....


First up-Here is Uncle Larry with Ben Graupner. Ben G is looking quite sexy- I think he looked the best we've ever seen in person! Hey, I'd do him! (And no, not just to get to Jackson. ;) Snicker, snicker. Really though, hottie.

Brace yourself, it's the first of Jackson... Here he is with Jerad... The band got lei-d by a couple of Hawaiian girls-Jackson was the only one to not wear his-I wonder if it has something to do with his PR/mgr people?

I almost said something dirty about sparkle peens...
I won't, so just imagine I did.

Nom, nom, nom!!!

OK, brace yourself... here's a jacksonitis-inducing mouth shot...

mmm I think I saw the twired sisters.... I'm
feeling all tingly inside.

And then there was this time where we had locked eyes for what felt like 10 minutes but was very likely 10 seconds... and I was too afraid to keep gazing but too afraid to look away! I don't care if he does it with everyone, it was like a piece of heaven :D Anyway, the following picture wasn't taken during those heavenly seconds, but still, he's looking. Booo yah!

A ha! I knew you would come... And speaking of coming...

So there are a few blank spots as I was trying to film the crowd and Jen without a flash like a bloody good fool, but you can still here the silky sexy voice of J Rathbone himself... and you get to watch him dance :D So, I leave you with this...

Elusive S



  1. Um....that vid is hot. Dancin' Jackson makes me think of naughty things...swoon.

  2. I totally forgot I hadn't even sent it to you! I am going to make a point to take more vid at the VRoom this time... I've only ever done short snippettes, I think because I am so excited... :D

  3. Yes totally worth doing the vids...Esp when he makes googly eyes at you ;)

  4. I love the pics and vids... makes me feel like I was there!! I couldn't even fathom an extended period of eye contact with Jackson I'd try to hold it together but would probably look away.

  5. Yeah, when he locks eyes with you and then smiles that gorgeous smile...you just melt! He has the most gorgeous smile on this planet!

    BTW, when he did this to me, he looked away first, not me!

  6. Thanks for the vid Elusive S....Jackson surely is one sexy man.

  7. Argh! I heart JBone.... thinking naughty things right now. Mmmmm x

  8. There's that cutie Jerad!Loving the hats. Love seeing Jackson shake his booty! Looks like it was a good show as usual with the monkees and their bananas.

  9. woo hoo- thank you elusive for the m.o.s shot :-) i really hope they list their east coast tour dates soon.

    what was the theme/word for their 'made up' song?

  10. @Jayla - "Spilled Beer" :) LOL!

  11. Awesome!! He's such a cutie. So HOTT! Love the hat he's wearing. Your commentary cracks me up!


  12. Glad you enjoyed :D

    8 days til the next MOS installment :D!


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