Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Random Pics & Rob's Talented Friends.

So Jessica (aka @LuvsMeSumEdward) sent this to me. It's a picture we all took from Twilight Night at Park @ the Park here in San Diego...ya know...the night I got PFach's signature on my We were standing in front of a green screen so we had no idea what would be in the back ground. I was hoping it would be Rob with his hands on our tits...Um, not quite. Anyhoo, here is how it turned out.

Back: Sue, Jess & her Sis. Front: Me & ES. hair was doing some weird curling under sh*t...I blame the June Gloom.

On a completely different note, ES & I went to see Bobby Long at Anthology here in San Diego tonight. He rocked. That is all. JK, no really, he was awesome. If I squinted, I could pretend it was The Precious! He even wore a plaid button up shirt that I swore I have seen grace Robs tit-tays. Hmmm, maybe they share clothes? Anyhoo, we were supposed to have upstairs general admin seating...turns out they closed the upstairs so we had a great seat at the bar facing the stage. Flashes weren't allowed, so my pics were crap. Anyhoo, he seems to really like plaid shirts, like someone else we know! Here are some random google pics.

Mmm I'm sensing a Rob/Jackson


Of course I was wondering (praying to the Robsten Gawds) if maybe Robsten was upstairs...doubt it. Seeing as they could easily wait to see his show in LA on Friday...which Ms. Twilove01 (aka Sue) will be going to! So jealous!!!

Anyways, I will admit it was hard to keep track at first. Bobby Long, Marcus Foster & Sam Bradley...all musicians, all friends of Rob. Bobby and Marcus wrote "Let Me Sign" & Marcus wrote "I was broken"... both of which Rob sang for the Twilight soundtrack.

I can say with complete confidence that Bobby Long sounds fantastic in person. He put on a show that was just under 2 hours. It was acoustic & the sound in the venue was amazing. Here is one of my favorite songs of his thus far...

I will be honest and say seeing BL live kind of made me sad that Rob might never play in public again because of his outer-worldly popularity :(

In case you need a reminder of how f*ckhawt Rob sounds singing, here he is singing "I Was Broken" back in 09' I Whiskey A Go Go in LA.

That just does me in. Dead.

Seriously hearing Rob sing that song just kills a gooooood way. I know Lisa totally knows exactly what I'm talking about. ES & I tend to talk a lot about Jackson's voice, and it is unbelievably sexy. However, I think Rob singing this song is liquid sex. I'm wondering if it might be possible to orgasm from hearing this alone. I wouldn't doubt it.

Speaking of Rob & his musically inclined he is with Kristen spotted leaving Sam Bradley's show in LA last night. Ahhhh Robsten, how I love you so!



  1. God...he does look like Rob if you squint really hard...LOLOL! I'm sorry you didn't spot you know who..but I am glad you got to have a great time. Rob is so lucky to be surrounded my so many talented people!

  2. Mrs P- :) He sounded great! And you're right, he is very lucky. I truly hope he is able to perform again one day, in public. I'd genuinely love to hear him sing minus the screaming idiots.

  3. I lurve boys with guitars...they are my weakness. Maybe something to do with those long fingers...just sayin!

    It would be a crying shame if Rob wasn't able to play in public again. hmmm wonder if 100 monkeys plan to come to Australia?

  4. This is the infamous Bobby Long? He is a cutie! Can I request an upcoming VF "Rob and his friends" photoshoot?

  5. I like Jackson-Rob hybrid! nom nom.

  6. I'm so glad that you & ES had fun at the BL concert and he was just as awesome as I'd hoped :) I'm so excited about seeing him Friday night with F-Kat and ZanyMouse!! (crossing my fingers for good karma!!) I love our Twi Night picture, although I was hoping they'd put us in the tent scene!

  7. OMG- yes, it's rob & jackson squished together... must go listen to the music now...
    (great pic - i was wondering what people were standing in front of at the national habor, twilight event)

  8. Fuck am I the only person who thinks his hair is just like Justin Beiber's!!! (I spend 9 months of the year with 11-12 year olds, people.) He needs to do something about that pronto. It looks like he loves his hair too much.

    I listened to his show on WXPN, the link is found here:
    and I liked it....but I really think he needs to work on adding melody or he is not going to make it. My 2 cents...

    Love the picture of all you ladies!!

  9. Okay Jen, that yum pic of BL really is hot. Definitely a Rob/jackson hybrid. I like that pic of you guys in front of the green screen. Your hair looks fine. Better than having random curling in all directions.
    That Rob singing video does it to me too. Could you imagine if he put on a concert he would pack a huge ass stadium? I'm sure he'd never do it because he's the coffee house small club kind of guy. But seriously it would be a good dream for us. I have to admit the first few times I heard his voice on the Twilight soundtrack I found it annoying and gave me a headache. Just a bit grating. But then of course I put it together with his face and boom it's explosively hot. Can't look back now.


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