Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"Other" Mens!

Wondering where those "other" men of Twilight have been lurking? Wonder no more!

Jackson Rathbone at The Last Airbender photo call in Madrid, Spain!

Focus on the MOS, ignore the gawd awful bandanna meets bouffant.

[MOS=Mouth of Sex...for you newbies]

And here's Kellan Lutz at the LA premiere of Inception!

So did he lighten his hair again? Or did the dark just fade out?
I swear this boy changes hair color more than I change my underwear ;)

Taylor Lautner on the Abduction set in Pittsburg!

Let's just hope he doesn't go all freaky Scientologist on us...
[cough, Tom Cruise, cough!]

vier Samual at a VF/Louis Vuitton party!

He doesn't look thrilled...but he's hawt, so we'll let it slide.



  1. Xavier is... Nom nom..

    And LOL! Taylor totally has that Tom Cruise thing going on.. "Highway to the danger zone..."

  2. I doubt that statement about Kellan is true unless you take baths with your panties on. No one takes as many baths as you do. LMAO!

    Not digging the headband on Jackson or the haircolor on Kellan. And I could totally see Rob wearing Xavier's outfit. I was all prepared not to like Xavier because I couldn't figure out why Riley got his own trailer, etc., etc., like it was his fault, but he totally won me over. Yum.


  3. Those beautiful beautiful Twi-men. Where would we be without them? NO! Don't answer that. I don't want to know. They are all looking oh-so-very-hott.

    However, that headband Jackson is sporting has GOT to go. Taylor is definitely channeling Tom Cruise.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh god..I'm laughing because I was squinting and looking at Jackson's head, and then I read "focus on the MOS"...LMAO!!!!
    Oh no...Tom Cruise. Not a good sign at all ;-)

  5. Oh Jen- thank you for your brief yet succinct post about the Twi-men. LOL at Jackson's hair accessory.. no comment... I will refocus on the MOS :-)

    Happy Friday.


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