Monday, July 12, 2010


Ok, maybe I have had too much cheap champagne. No damnit, I have only had two wine glasses full...that's like what, 3 champagne flutes worth? Eh, I'm not so smart when it comes to measuring and shit...I'll let the resident math wizardess Mrs. P figure that one out.

Anyhoo, have you seen SPEAK...with Kristen Stewart?

I just watched it on Lifetime, again. It's a movie about a young girl who is raped by an older boy at a party, prior to entering High School. It's your typical Lifetime movie, but it's brought to a different level because of Kristen. Some of you may be rolling your eyes, but the girl can act. This movie is tangible proof of that. I'm not a talent coach or a movie buff, but my understanding of a "good actress" is someone that loses themselves to a character. Someone that makes you believe. Am I wrong?

Kristen developed a bad wrap from non-Twi fans [and some twi-fans] for Twilight. I never understood that. Sure she's blinky & twitchy, but she was "Bella" to me. It was believable if you'd read the books. Of course I have noticed that Kristen has progressively refined "Bella" though out the last two movies...which is only natural over time.

As far as Kristen's movies go, I've pretty much seen all of the popular ones, sans"Into the Wild." Curious what else she's been in, go here. She was awesome in "Adventure Land," "The Cake Easters" & "The Messengers." I also absolutely loved "The Runaways."

Kristen owned that roll. She poured her heart and soul into it, & it showed. I really can't wait till it comes out on DVD! I can't say that I would have been a Kristen Stewart fan had I not been a Twi-fan. Like I mentioned before, I'm not a movie buff... However, I am am grateful for having found her via Twilight. She's an amazingly beautiful and talented actress. I can't wait to see what she's got in store for us in the future!

P.S. Anyone else excited to see her as a Vamp in BD?!?

P.S.S Here's my all time favorite Robsten vid. WHAT? THIS WASN'T A ROBSTEN POST?
I know. My blog, my rules.

(Lisa, I think this is the one that made us both weepy, in a good way.)

Just adore that song!



  1. Dammit, can't turn the speakers on, the rest of the house is sleeping!

    Haven't seen Speak yet, but it's the summer so will have to rent (*cough* download *ahem*) in between watching Eclipse over and over again...

    Yes, stoked for vampy Bella!!

  2. Speak is what I saw Kristen in first. So I already liked her before Twilight. I think she is better in Speak than Twilight BUT she has made Bella better in the past two Twilight Saga movies, esp. Eclipse. I just saw Adventureland and really loved her and Jessie Eisenberg in the movie. They made a cute and believable couple. I also so her kid's movie Catch That Kid and it is meh but she is cute in it. I have all her other movies on my Netflix list so hopefully I will get to them all soon.

  3. I saw that movie, and have a Kristen post pending.. maybe next week? I agree - it was really good. I also watched Cake Eaters, Adventureland, In the Land of Women, Jumper, Into the Wild, Fierce People, What Just Happened...

    I'm a fan. :)

  4. I loved "Speak!" Kristen was great in it!

  5. I loved Speak.. I am a movie junkie so I have seen it a few times, which included its debut on Lifetime.. you have to be a good actress to do a movie where your character doesn't speak at all. I also have seen Panic Room and I totally believed her as a diabetic. I've seen Adventureland too. I'm really jealous that she got to make out with Ryan Reynolds.. gah what a lucky girl she gets to make out with Rob *cough*all-the-time*cough* and Ryan, damn.

  6. I haven't seen Speak, but I have seen The Cake Eaters, and she's believable. Must go troll for Speak...

  7. Speak was the first movie that I ever saw Kristen in and became and immediate fan. I remember a few years ago seeing it on Lifetime and calling my friend in tears. That's how oustanding she was in the role. I just couldn't understand why nobody tried to help this poor girl because it was obvious she was hurting so badly. Great movie and Kristen really delivered.


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