Sunday, July 4, 2010

Total Eclipse of My Heart! (SPOILERS)

Sat afternoon I met ES at a smaller theater to see Eclipse for the 2nd time. I smuggled in some cheap champagne splits for us to share, and we giggled like school girls as we poured them over ice into graciously provided Pepsi cups for our "water" :) I believe most Twitards would agree that seeing the movie for the first time is similar to opening all of your presents on x-mas morning when you were a little kid. You rip through each present in a state of utter euphoria, barely able to focus on what's in front of you. You've anticipated x-mas morning for so long that when it finally happens, it's all a blur. Needless to say, seeing Eclipse for the second time allowed me to absorb it all a bit better. Speaking of....I think my panties were the ones doing all of the "absorbing." One word....ROBWARD.

Ok, I need to stay focused here. Without a doubt, Eclipse was my favorite book. It provided me with both the perfect mix of action & romance. I'll admit I had my doubts about David Slade. But he did a phenomenal job at bringing both the romance & the action to the big screen. He made it tangible. He blew me away. However, we can't have a Twilight Saga movie re-cap without making fun of some stuff now can we?

Stuff that bugged the shit out of me:

*Bella's wig in the opening meadow scene, when she's in FL w/ Renee & one other time that for the life of me I can't remember (could be the not then.) Granted I was worried it would be bad the whole time, which it wasn't. BUT when it was bad, it was horrible. I mean really? Who the f*ck has a hairline like that?! And it was always day it was light brown and wavy, the next it was dark brown and plastered to her head. Seriously? Do people NOT notice these things when they're in "post-production?" People, HIRE ME...I can watch the movie before it comes out and tell you about all the stupid shit you're missing.

Did Bella's forehead grow?
That isn't the worst of it...The pictures I want aren't
available online yet.

*Was that supposed to be FLORIDA? I know I am from CA, but that sure as hell didn't look like Florida. It looked like somewhere on the East Coast. Did I miss the palm trees?

*CHOP & CHANGE! I felt the beginning of the movie was kind of choppy. The first 3 or 4 scenes didn't flow. I have found that this has been the case with all of the Twilight movies thus far, which seems strange considering 3 different directors have given it a go.

*Riley...Aren't you supposed to be from FORRRRRRKS?! HEY let your Aussie accent slip through in the beginning. Just sayin'.

*Slumber party? Ok, even though I knew it wouldn't be in the movie, I was still disappointed that they left out the slumber party Alice attempts to throw for Bella the first time she is supposed to be "babysitting her" while Edward is hunting. You know the part in the book where she paints Bella's toes blood red & Esme orders in the best Italian from Port Angeles. I love that part because it's so awkward yet somehow so incredibly intimate. I also love how SM introduced THE BED for the first time. Bella's allowed to discover it on her own and makes the decision to sleep on the couch instead because she's stubborn and doesn't like the idea of people, particularly Edward, doing things for her. Needless to say I prefer the books version.

*Victoria. Ok....Bryce if you ever read this, I want you to know that I think you are so absolutely beautiful in person as well as extremely humble and sweet. OK?! Good.
This Victoria sucked. Unfortunately Bryce looks too sweet & wasn't intimidating enough as Victoria. It's not her fault. She spoke too softly & didn't have the cat-like qualities of Rachelle Lefevre. And by the way "wig people," Cher wants her hair back.


On to the stuff that rocked:

*The opening meadow scene (despite the wig). Holy Robward HOTNESS!!!!!!!!! He looked amazing throughout the entire movie. FINALLY he looked like the Greek God SM described. Granted Rob always looks that way to me, but this was the best "Edward Cullen" make up/hair/eyes by far.

"Edward Cullen" looked the way they described him in the book.
Thank you DS. Finally.

*The WHOLE engagement and leg hitch was phenomenal. The make-out session was perfect. Bella was sexually frustrated yet totally unsure of herself, and you could feel that Edward wanted her just as bad. You could also feel him struggling with his morals. The dialogue was sexy yet awkward...and the way he proposed to her took my breath away. He looked so captivated by her...swoon!


Um, was this an attempt at boob-grazing? I never saw this!
Maybe it was Robsten shenanigans that never made into the scene...

* When Bella is worried about Edward not feeling the same about her once she's been changed and he responds,"You'll always be my Bella." Then cracks a panty-melting smile. Swoon.


*The subtle & endearing moments between Alice & Jasper really got me. Like when they're gearing up for the fight...they share a couple of looks and Alice even steals a quick kiss. Did you notice the way they looked at each other? Anways.... Jasper's wig wasn't nearly as awful as I'd anticipated, based on the promotional photos. In fact, Jasper looked sexy. I'd say those flash backs scenes were pretty f*ckhawt too. Is it just me, or does his voice just melt you?

*Jacob. I will always be Team ROBWARD, however I'm not dead. He looked HAWT. Especially when he was standing by his car at the treaty line to pick up Bella. There I said it. Don't judge me.

Of course this is the only still I can find.
I really wouldn't refuse the opportunity to rub my hands up & down his abs.
Just sayin'.

*The graduation, though not the same as the book, (it lacked the sense of urgency as Edward finds out Bella's theory) was awesome. I even got a little choked up at the thought of Bella's reaction to Jessica's ironic speech & Charlies look of pride as she receives her diploma.

*The Vamps. Eclipse is the first movie where I really felt the Vampires were the most believable. I think they got the eyes right this time. Edwards go from golden when satiated to black when hungry just like in the books. They all look beautiful, yet intimidating at the same time. I was afraid DS would make them look too Zombie-like, and he didn't....thank gawd.

*Tent scene ROCKED! It's right up there with the engagement/leg hitch scene. The tent location was very much how I'd envisioned it & the dialogue was awesome. Once again, thank you DS.

*The final fight scene was INCREDIBLE. I had chills the entire time and cannot wait to see it in IMAX. I was also very impressed with the CGI work. The wolves were all so believable.

I feel like I'm missing quite a bit. Maybe I'll do another post once I have seen it a 3rd and 4th time... Though I will say that without a doubt, Eclipse is my favorite of the 3 so far. I will always have a soft spot for Twilight. It may not have been a stellar movie, but it's the first one that brought SM's visions to life outside of our own imaginations. And, it will always be like a security blanket to me.

Next up, Eclipse in IMAX! I can't wait. ES & I shall be seeing it sometime this week...for a 3rd time.


If you don't have a blog, or are not going to blog about it...what did you think? Likes, dislikes?



  1. You picked up on all my favorite and not so favorite parts of the movie. One tip for IMAX sit as close to the back as you can... especially for the fight scene its hard to see everything because the screen is so wide and I know ES wont want to miss any Jacksper moments.

  2. Yup, excellent points. Her wig did bother me a bunch but I wondered if I hadn't heard about it before if I would have noticed it. The only thing I disagree with you about is Jacksper. He looked god awful. WHY DID THEY DO THAT??! He's so freakin cute. Riley, too, BTW.

    I loved the movie....but my biggest disappointment was after Bella kissed Jacob. We saw Edward's face for just a sec. And it was no big deal, no anguish. I wondered if RPatz blew it or something and so they cut that part out. Or did I miss it or something??

  3. As I told you while we were Gmail chatting earlier, I could just direct my followers over here for my review. You hit on a lot of the highs and lows I felt.

    My highs definitely outweight the lows, though. The meadow scenes, the proposal, and the tent scene were just perfect. As you know, I saw it for the fourth time today and it still went by too quickly. The pacing of the movie is outstanding.

    Oh, Rob. You can't possibly be human. *sigh*


  4. Lisa- Great minds think alike. As for Rob, I'm still blown away by how PERFECT he looked. Just gorgeous. His hair was the perfect length, his smile, his delicious. PS Did I tell you I lost a follower?! Never happened weird. It takes effort to unfollow someone. LOL.

    Kassie-Thanks for the tip on IMAX. That's why I was afraid to view it that way the first time around, thought it might be too overwhelming.

    Munkee- I meant more Jaspers face/lips mmmm...As for Edward, I think he walks up because he hears Taylors thoughts. He doesn't see them kiss and his look is sort of blank. He knows Bella is torn and I think he's supposed to look numb... Does that make sense?

  5. LOL!! I must have lost one, too, because I have a new follower but my total is the same.

    @Munkee - Since we know Edward's only reason for existing is Bella's happiness, I think that his neutral expression is his way of not influencing her decision to stay with him by making her feel guilty. It's important to him that she make the right decision for herself, even if it means letting her go. I hope that made some sense. LOL!

    Ha! My word ver is spirter. I know. My mind is always in the gutter ;)

  6. Absolutely was the best movie so far (although there is STILL smoething "raw" about Twilight that I love) and there is so much awesomeness it is really hard to sum it all up.

  7. Of course I meant "something", and not "smoething". WTF??

  8. Mrs. P- OMG the comment ghost has made an appearance again ;) I see in my inbox that you commented, but it's nowhere to be found at the bottom of my post.

    As for your typo, welcome to my world. All of my typos come from my home computer, which is a lap top. I told you the keys are kinda sticky from when I spilled a beer over them...(doesn't that just scream white trash?!)

  9. LOVED your breakdown!!

    I won't judge you for the Jacob lovin' that kiss with Bella was f*ckHAWT!! I would even go so far as to say it was hotter than any E/B kiss...

    Annd there is something else to add to the bug list - it had to do with Dakota - but I'll blog about it (hopefully) tomorrow :)

  10. I HATED Bella's wig with passion. That was the only thing that bothered me throughout the film. Her hair was perfect in the last scene in the meadow, and I wondered why they couldn't have made it look like that throughout the entire movie. Her wig in NM was way better. They should've used that one.

    Much to my own surprise, I wasn't bothered by anyone else's hair, either.

    I think that's my only dislike. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

  11. yea- i'm late...

    jen- yes, i agree this is the BEST that Rob has looked, ever. He was MOS (yea, stealing the jasperism)...

    i totally wanted to hug david slade after the movie. his filming style was on point and he finally captured 'greek god edward' as described by sm.

    although i am not a robsten 'fan'- their chemistry was so evident in this movie above all others.

    um, jasper on a horse?! whoa. maria whispering in his ear - ... getting hotter. despite most of the stills from the movie i think jasper looked hawt too.

  12. "Chertoria" - lmfao! It was like that or something Shirley Temple would have worn - those ringlets - UGH!!! She lives and hunts in the WOODS! I missed the ferociousness that Rachelle brought to the role, too. I still wonder what really happened and why they replaced her because it makes NO sense to me whatsoever.

  13. @Jelena-I wasn't bothered by anyone's hair ether...aside from Bella'. Jaspers wasn't great, but it wasn't as gawd awful as the promotional photos showed. As for Kristen, she didn't have a wig in New Moon...that was her real hair, that's why it looked so good. She chopped it for The Runaways right after filming NM.

    @STY- :) I heard that Rachelle booked a project that would supposedly interfere with the filming of Eclipse. She claimed that it wouldn't have interfered, but the Scummit higher ups let her go anyway. :(


  14. Finally, I can read your post, I saw Eclipse for the first time today and I LOVED IT. I saw it on an IMAX screen and it was so worth it especially the close up scenes of the leg hitch and tent scenes. YUM! Lol I am an Aussie and I didn't notice Riley's accent at the start, but I guess I am used to it... I went with a non twi fan and it is school hols here so the cinema was full and I guess there were probably about 20 people over 20 there. I was so worried that all we would hear would be screaming but everyone was really quiet and just wanted to watch the movie. Have to go again soon...Jackson on the horse with the accent OMG swoon.

  15. That other part with the super crap wig (bella) is the practice fight scene.

    I heart eclipse!


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