Sunday, July 18, 2010

3rd Time's A Charm?!

ES & I had planned to see Eclipse in IMAX at 4:50pm this afternoon. It wasn't till halfway through my work day that I thought to double check the time. Right as I pulled up Fandango, I was horrified to find out that the 4:50pm showing wasn't in IMAX. I told myself to calm down and scrolled through the list of movies...IMAX ECLIPSE WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! Gaaaah! I called the theater just in case and the girl confirmed that indeed, it is no longer available in IMAX.

Seeing as I was in a glass half full type of mood (very rare!) I called ES & we both agreed we wanted to see it despite the circumstance. DUH. Here are some things I noticed the 3rd time around...

"Don't make fun of me, I signed your shirt.
Make fun of the douches behind me."

1. Not only does Carlisle say "Ahhhh-may"...pointed out by the lovely [skanky] ladies at Twitarded, he also says "Jaspaaaaaah." LMAO! It's during the party scene where the wolves are agreeing to help obliterate the newborn ahhh-may ;) In fact, I now know who his accent reminds me of...Barbara Walters! She always sounds kinda stuffed up & as if she's suffering from a slight speech impediment. If you don't believe me...

SKIP TO 1.18 & LISTEN!!! Imagine Carlisle.
(you can always go back and re-watch Rob later)


2. Angry Edward turns me on hardcore. <~~~he he he, she said "hard." As well as bedroom Edward. Holy shitballs he is so beautiful in this movie it hurts...deep down in my belly *wink wink*

3. Bella's hairline is soooooo bad in the opening meadow scene as well as in "Maine"..I mean "Florida." Also that same FL scene, you can totally see the scars on the inside of her upper right arm...where Carliiiiisle stiched her up. Did you notice that?

4. Jasper all tan & riding on a horse does substantial things to my girlie-parts. And, I think I may have squealed a few times when his MOS became too much for me to handle during the fight training.

5. Jacob has a farmers tan during the second part of the tent scene, where's he's inside the sleeping bag keeping Bella warm. ES says it was a shadow, I think it's because it was supposedly the winter ;)

6. Anna Kendrick has great comedic timing. The girl cracks me up.

7. Towards the end of the "sex talk" with Charlie, Bella gives an awkward 2 thumbs before running up the stairs embarrassed by the whole situation. Kristen totally does that in real life...ALOT recently. Case & point...

She also does it during the Best Kiss acceptance at this years
MTV Movie Awards the vid. I'm too lazy to find it.

Okie dokie, sorry if I repeated the obvious, but you know how it is. The 2nd and 3rd time around you start to think you're noticing new stuff!

OH PS! When I met ES out front of the theater she hands me this baby!

Squeeee! I love me some Eclipse Edward!

One of our close family friends (a couple in their 60's) knows ES & I love Twilight. They picked up these shirts for us! How sweet & thoughtful of them!

Update: T-minus 5 days until 100 Monkeys at HOB!!! ... T-minus 3 weeks till 100 Monkeys at the Viper Room! MOS in person...again...think we're having with drawls.



  1. Great post bb! Totally noticed the scars in FL too. Also I agree that the Kristen/Bella lines blur in the sex-talk scene, it works though :)

  2. Fun observations. Didn't notice the Taylor farmer's tan but his hair was shorter. Luscious Jackson Rathbone prevailed.

    That's a GREAT tshirt!

  3. I just watched "When I was 17" that I taped from MTV that has Jackson on it. I think I have a little Jacksonitis now - of course it may be because he reminds me of someone that I have liked for a long time in my real life. But he was adorable and the MOS was very evident.

    Love your shirt you got, very nice.

    When I saw your 3rd times a charm and you wanted IMAX, all I could think was 3 strikes you are out, because I knew it was going out before the weekend. Sorry you missed it. But just think I have only seen it once overall and in regular version. I will just wait for DVD at this point.

  4. Am I the only one that has to say ""Ahhhh-may"... outloud?!

    Love the toe nail polish ;-)

    No words for all the Jasper love in Eclipse- yum! BTW, please send 100 Monkeys back east when you're done. Thank you!

  5. I feel bad for Peter... I wonder who made him use that accent?? I say go full on American Carlisle has clearly been around long enough to pick up the accent perfectly.

    I was wondering what was on her arm.. uh duh thanks for pointing that out.

    That tshirt is awesome.

    And heck yea send 100 Monkeys my way too. I'd like some time with MOS in person ;) Just yell "Take your tour to Chicago" LOL or you can just yell "Take off your shirt" either one is cool. Make sure to have your camera ready for the latter.

  6. LOVE IT! I noticed the Bella hair thing the first time.

    I agree that Jasper has the girlie parts going crazy in this movie.

    I have to relisten to PFach's speaking... Maybe I am too busy concentrating on other things to notice how his words end. ?



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